McFarland Elementary Express

February 2016

Grades EC-5 February 2016 At-A-Glance

February 6 - Optimist sponsored Winter Fest @ Lewis Park 1pm - 3pm

February 9 - 4th Grade Field Trip UW Discovery Building (Ms. Hanneman and Ms. Lawler)

February 10 - 5th Grade Trip to The Overture Center - AM

February 11 - 4th Grade Field Trip UW Discovery Building (Mrs. Chapman and Mr. Krueger)

February 12 - 3rd Grade Valentines Day Celebration

February 12 - 4th and 5th Grade Spelling Bee

February 12 - Red and White Day @ Elementary Campus

February 13 - McFarland Education Foundation - Winter Bash 7pm - Midnight @ the Stoughton Country Club.

February 16 - 4th Grade Field Trip UW Discovery Building (Mr. Meeks and Mrs. Scharpf/Johnson)

February 18 - 4th Grade Field Trip UW Discovery Building (Ms. Johannes and Mr. Brown)

February 18 & 19 - Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade - Jump Rope for Heart

February 23 - 2nd Grade Music Program

5:30pm - Huber-Drake, Garvoille, Bailey, Jefferson

6:30pm - Adams, Paley, Schmidt, Wisniewski

February 25 - 1st Grade Music Program

5:30pm - Mandli, Knapp, Juszczyk, Rotunno

6:30pm - Olson, Schimanski, Froden, Brezenski

February 29 - NO SCHOOL - Staff Development Day

Dates to look forward to in March....

March 3 - Youth Art Month Reception @ E.D. Locke Public Library

March 10 - Waubesa Intermediate School Parent Teacher Conference Night

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Winter Clothing

Parents, please mark your child’s name in their winter clothing: jackets, sweaters, hats, mittens. Many of these items are left at school and go to lost and found because they cannot be identified.

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Weather Reminder

As a reminder, if the temperature reaches 0 degrees (combination of temperature and wind chill) or lower, students will have inside recess. Most days the students will have outside recess so please monitor what type of outerwear your child wears to school on these days so they are comfortable and dry out at recess.

Homeroom Placement / 2016 - 2017

CEELC/Primary and Waubesa Intermediate School Homeroom Placement

Starting in March, we will be creating the classes for the next school year. This is a very long process that is not finalized until early August. In grades K-5, we share who your teacher will be next year through our online registration process in mid-August. Please know that we do not take requests for specific teachers, or for placement with specific friends; however, if you have pertinent information that you feel would be valuable in helping us to place your son or daughter in a homeroom, please send an email or write a letter to your child's principal (Sarah Boatman or Sue Murphy) by March 18. We want to do our best to make your child's experience at school positive.
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From Health Services:

The Wisconsin Lions Camp, located in Rosholt, Wisconsin, is looking for eligible campers and staff to join them for the summer of 2016.

Campers eligible include:
Youth who are deaf or hard of hearing (age 6-17)
Youth who are blind or visually impaired (6-17)
Youth with intellectual disabilities or educational autism (9-17)
Youth who have diabetes (age 9-16) ,

Contact the American Diabetes Association at 414-778-5500

Camper Applications , schedules, and information available at

Phone: 1-715-677-4969

Camper Open House: April 24, 2016 9am-3pm

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CEELC/Primary School - Building Information

Principal Sarah Boatman

For the latest information about our schools, including upcoming important dates, simply go into the district web page at and link into the Elementary Campus site.


Dear Families,

Thank you for a wonderful first semester!! I cannot believe how much your child has grown and changed over the last few months. There have been so many students losing teeth! Their smiles keep making them look older and older!

A BIG thank you to our 1st semester student teachers: Monet Neal -Early Childhood/4K, Kristen Pfister - 2nd grade, Erikka Furseth - 1st grade/Special Ed and Katrina Gray - 1st grade. We will miss you!

If you have a hard time accessing your child's report card online, please contact the office. It has been great to reflect on the growth your child has made and work on planning next steps in their learning.

Sarah C. Boatman

EC, 4K, K, 1, 2 Principal

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Upcoming 1st and 2nd Grade Music Programs

As you prepare to attend your child’s upcoming music program(s) at MPS Gym please keep the following in mind:

¨ Building entryways are unlocked at 5:15.

¨ Gym doors are unlocked at 5:15.

¨ Children should go directly to either the Art or Music room when they enter the building.

¨ Seating in the gym is on a first-come basis; please don’t reserve blocks of seats.

¨ Other parts of the building, including classrooms, remain off-limits.

¨ Video taping is welcome.

These are informal performances, giving families a taste of what we do in music class. All classes will be standing on risers and singing throughout the program. Your child's teacher will let you know which color riser grouping your child's class will be standing on. Students may dress up for the program, but will want to wear something comfortable for movements. Please take your child’s coat with you to your seat. Please check the Music Class Blog at

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4K Enrollment & Parent Orientation

Information regarding 4K Enrollment will be online soon. Packet pick-up will begin March 1st. A child must be 4 years old by 9/1/16.

Please join us for:

Welcome to 4K Night

Thursday, March 10

7:00 - 8:00 PM


(Adults only please)

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5-Year Old Kindergarten Parent Orientation

Registration for 5-Year Old Kindergarten for the 2016-17 school year will take place on-line in August. Watch for more details. If you have a child that was not in McFarland 4K, but will be coming to Kindergarten here, please call 838-3146 to get on the list. If you have a child entering 5 Year Old Kindergarten (the child must be 5 by 9/1/15) this coming fall we hope you will join us for the:

Parent Orientation to 5K

Thursday, April 21st

7:00 - 8:00PM


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  • PTO for providing countless volunteers to help support a variety of ongoing efforts on the Elementary Campus.

  • Drivers who respect the safety needs of students when dropping off and picking up their children at school.

  • Parents who make sure their children arrive at school on-time (7:55) and leave on time (2:42).

Waubesa News

Waubesa Intermediate School - Building Information

Principal Sue Murphy

For the latest information about our schools, including upcoming important dates, simply go into the district web page at and link into the Waubesa site.


Dear Waubesa Families,

It’s unbelievable to actually think we are already into the second semester of the school year! It is our goal to communicate with you formally at least four times during the year. You would have met for parent-teacher conferences at the end of the first quarter, on Infinite Campus report cards are available at this time, another set of conferences will take place just before spring break, and we will then have report cards available again after school is out in June. Hopefully you have had the opportunity to regularly check your son or daughters assignment notebook which should also help keep you informed about what is happening each day at school.

We believe the first semester has been very successful. The children have been working hard both on their academics and on their behaviors throughout the year. We feel lucky to have such great students and supportive families. Thanks for all you do!

If you have any questions or concerns, please give me a call or send an email. It is very important to me that we have open communication.

Stay warm,

Sue Murphy


Waubesa School

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January 29, 2016 - Report Cards Available on Infinite Campus

This year we again will not be sending paper copies of the report cards home. You should have received an email about this recently. Log in to the parent portal in Infinite Campus and you can view your child’s report card. You may also print a paper copy if you would like to have one for your records. This will be the same process we will follow at the end of the school year. If you would like us to send a paper copy home, please contact your child’s teacher or Arlene Coady-Bast at the Waubesa office.

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School Drop Off

Please remember that students are not to be dropped off or picked up in the Leanne Lane parking lot. This larger lot is for staff parking and bus drop-off. Parents should drop off their son or daughter in the smaller lot off of Red Oak Trail.

If you would like to avoid the heavy traffic congestion consider dropping your child off a block or two away and having them walk the rest of the way. We also have playground supervision starting at 7:30 am so students may be dropped off earlier.

We really appreciate the many parents who follow all of the traffic rules. Student safety is our main goal.

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Promote Reading at Home

Each night Waubesa students should be reading at least 20-30 minutes. Research has shown a very high correlation between reading and academic success.

Keep Reading!!

Help Support our Waubesa Service Project!

Thank you to the many families who contributed to our recent Food Drive at Waubesa. Just before winter break, out school donated over 1204 pounds of food to the McFarland Community Food Pantry. Each classroom is continuing to collect cash donations for the food pantry and have a collection jar in the classroom. Your support in promoting this service project is appreciated. Research shows that when students know they are helping others they tend to feel better about themselves and view themselves as contributing members of the community. Our school-wide theme of the Power of One, Power of Team, and Power of Community is closely connected to this goal.

Waubesa School Jr. Ambassadors

The Jr. Ambassadors, part of the 5th grade Student Council, focus on service and leadership in our school and our community. In December many ambassadors participated in ringing bells for the Salvation Army and singing carols for the patrons of Pick 'n Save. We also took our voices to the McFarland Villa (formerly Harmony House) to serenade the residents while they enjoyed their breakfast. Our Jr. Ambassadors have been working hard to help others, and will be hosting a Car Wash and Bake Sale to benefit the McFarland Food Pantry this spring. We look forward to seeing you there!
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4th and 5th Grade Music and Art Program

Dear Waubesa Families,

Amazing as it may seem, it is time for your child to begin preparations for our March 7th and 14th art and music presentations. Mrs. Russell and I have been planning an opportunity for you to come to Waubesa to see and hear samples of your child’s artistic and musical work.

We have selected the themes for the programs, planned learning activities around those themes and look forward to having you join us. Each child will have the opportunity to perform a special part during his/her music program. We will be practicing those parts during music class time in the weeks ahead. Hope to see each of you at our upcoming art/music evenings!

(Please alert coaches, dance and piano teachers and other adults with whom your child works to these dates. It is our hope that all of Waubesa’s families can come together for this once a year celebration of the arts.)

Mrs. Russell

Grades 3-5 Art

Mrs. Larson

Grades 3-5 General Music, Fifth Grade Choir

Grade 4


Our Adventure


March 7, 2016

Art: 6:00pm – 6:20pm

Music: 6:30 – 7:15pm


Grade 5

Fifty Nifty United States:

In Song and Dance


March 14, 2016

Art: 6:00 – 6:30pm

Orchestra in gym: 6:00 - 6:15

Music in Library: 6:10 – 6:35pm

(Small Groups/Solos)

Music in Gym:

6:45pm – 7:30pm

(including all 5th graders plus choir and orchestra)

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McFarland EC-8 PTO

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Contact Us

PTO Board Members

Stefanie Feralin - PTO President/

Brooke Ecker - PTO Secretary/

Amy McCullough - PTO Treasuere/

Carrie Templeton - Member-at-large/

Debbie Hodge - Member-at-large/

Liz Vosberg - Member-at-large/

Sheila Blum - Member-at-large/ sheilablum13@gmail.con

No Hassle Fundraiser

A BIG Thank you to those who donated!! Our schools very much appreciate it! Deadline for this years fundraiser is February 1, 2016. You can still donate by visiting our website at

Last year with funds from the No Hassle Fundraiser our schools were able to purchase a few things on their wish list.

CEELC/Primary Purchased some awesome risers, speakers and microphones that will be showcased at the 1st and 2nd grade Music Program!

WIS - Took all 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade classes to Barnes and Noble to purchase their own book for the classroom. This was such an awesome experience for the children and our schools were able to get new books in the classroom!


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The McFarland PTO has a new fundraiser this year with the popular ROCKIN JUMP!

Tickets will be sold in the K-8 school offices as well as at the events listed below. The cost for the ticket is $14.00 for 1 hour of jumping. That is the same price you would pay at the door but if you purchase through us our schools will receive $3-$5 back per ticket! Rockin Jump would be a great Springbreak activity and helping our schools all at once. How cool!

We will be selling these tickets until March 18, 2016

These tickets are good for 1 year so you will have plenty of time to use these tickets.

THANK YOU for supporting our schools!

We will be selling the Rockin Jump tickets at the upcoming events:

IMMS Conference Night / 2/11 4:00 to 7:00

IMMS Conference Night / 2/15 4:00 to 7:00

2nd Grade Music Program / 2/23 from 5:30 to 6:30

1st Grade Music Program / 2/25 from 5:30 to 6:30

4th Grade Music-Arts Program / 3/7 from 6:00 to 7:30

Parent Teacher Conference Night at WIS / 3/10 from 3:30 to 7:30

5th Grade Music-Arts Program / 3/14 from 6:00 to 7:30

7th & 8th Grade Band Concert / 3/15 from 7:00

Feel free to email the PTO at if you would like to reserve tickets for pick up.

Payments: Please make checks payable to the McFarland EC-8 PTO

Rockin Jump is located at 2700 Novation Pkwy, Madison, WI 53713

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The following flyers are NOT all school-sponsored activities and the McFarland School District does not provide support or endorsement of the program/flyer. It has neither reviewed nor approved the program, personnel, or activities announced in the brochure/flyer. Permission to distribute this material must not be considered a recommendation or endorsement by the School District.
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