Joshua For President!!!

For A better world With Texas


My stand point on Texas' economy understands our problems with Debt. To compensate, I will limit government spending to needs, and limit new building projects. this will leave more money to cut down on our massive debt. additionally, i will leave taxes at pre-decided rates, and instead begin "importing" citizens from the United States of America, so their money can go to the debt of Texas.
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To best deal with the natives with as little bloodshed as possible, I will atempt to make a peace treaty, allowing them most of West texas, but still leaving space for more settlers. additionaly, this will limit attacks, and the few that may happen will be cut off by the texas rangers.
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To cut down on spending and deal with the unruliness of the Texas republic's military, i will send most of the army home to their families, and the rest can maintain control over the Texas borders and natives along with the rangers.
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of course, mexico does not recognize Texas as an independent republic, because Santa Anna was forced to sign the treaties of Valasco. Thus, we may need to more strongly protect our borders for the reason of Mexican soldiers capturing towns currently more loyal to mexico. also, the rangers will assist with "Border Patrol."
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to the problem of annexation, I credit that annexation would better protect us from both the Mexicans and the natives, boost Texas' economy, and add more territory to the united states, so it's a win-win situation. overall, I stand positively on the problem of annexation.
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Dealing with slavery, I know that many people's fortunes depend on slavery, but the US doesn't want another slave state, so, to balance, I will eliminate any slave trading to be illegal, and any children of slaves and citizens to become citizens, because slavery is unfair, but many people can and will be respected.