Mrs. Waller's Vocal Ens. Class

Assignments week of May 26-28, 2020

You have homework over the summer!

I know you're going to be out for a few months, but I want you to continue with warm-ups and trying new techniques and songs with your voice. I hope to see you back in the Fall. I've missed you so much, and I hope you have a safe, happy summer full of great memories and joy. Call/text me on Google Voice or email me this summer.

If you're a senior, I want you to come back and sing with us for our Christmas concert on a song or two. Let me know how to best contact you after graduation. You're onto fabulous things. Keep us posted so we can brag on you! We love you! Please know you take a huge chunk of our hearts with you always. Thank you for being part of the choir family and sharing your talent and spirit through the years. You have blessed our lives.

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How to get in touch with me over the summer...

Text/call Google Voice: 314-635-0858


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