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Upcoming Events

*Ornament/Tree Holiday Party

Friday December 5th, 2:00

* Polar Express Pj Party for students

Thursday December 18th

Kindergarten Rocks!


* We have moved onto teen numbers. A teen number has one 10 and extra 1s. Students must remember that the "1" comes first. This is confusing to many. For example, 14 often looks like 41. We are adding and subtracting and writing our own equations. We also do math workshop. This is a time when students choose their own math games and activities. We play dominoes, Ipads, number puzzles, and a lot more.


* We can hear the beginning sounds in words. Now, we are listening for the ending and middle sounds too. This is called segmenting. We clap the sounds we hear in words. We choose our own word work activities. Our choices are Ipads, whiteboards, rhyming puzzles, word hunts, reading big books, writing table and many more. We are building our reading stamina everyday. We can now read 18 minutes to ourselves. Students find a comfortable spot anywhere in classroom and read books from their book basket. We are going to celebrate with a PJ and Pizza party when we reach our goal of 20 minutes.


* We continue to write everyday. We are writing small moments in our lives and labeling pictures we draw. The pictures are a large part of our writing. The illustrations help us tell our story as well as give us ideas to write about. Students are clapping the sounds and writing what they hear.