Sam J.


Have you ever wondered what it is like to have typhus? Typhus is a deadly disease that kills. There are other forms of typhus and other reactions than the normal one for typhus.

Other forms

There are other forms of typhus such as Scrub typhus is classified seprate as a disease. Another is that the transmission happens to humans through fleas not other people. Also the rat flea Xenopsylla cheopis carries it to humans the most. These are all forms of typhus in different ways.


Some reactions of typhus are after the 10th day of having typhus you get random headaces. Another is clothing on you when you have typhus is infested with it. Also it is very hard to try to act normal during the 14th through 16th days of having typhus. There is all kinds of reactions to typhus out there but these are just a few of them


Those are forms and reactions of typhus. You should hope that you never ever get typhus. This is why you should wonder about typhus. Learn more on my next letter at Sam.com


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