Theory XY

By: Victoria Tanna

Idea of XY

Douglas McGregor's work was based off of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. He grouped the hierarchy into lower- order needs (Theory X) and higher-order needs (Theory Y). Theory Y motivates the employees and Theory X doesn't.

What is the Premise of Theory Xy?

Theory X- Dislikes work and attempts to avoid it. Has no ambition, wants no responsibility, and would rather follow the lead. Is self-centered and therefore does not care about organizational skills. Resists change. Is gullible and not particularly intelligent.

Theory Y- Work can be as natural as play and rest. People will be self-directed to meet their work objectives if they are committed to them. People will be committed to their objectives if rewards are in place that address higher needs such as self-fullfilment.

What is the Managers Perspective?

Theory X manager's should be on top of their workers if they are slacking off at work. For example, if the manager sees that they are not doing their job, they should step up and tell them to work. If the worker disagrees, the manager should fire that worker.

Theory Y manager's are on top of everything. They make sure that the workers are doing on what they are supposed too. They're shouldn't be any problems because everyone is working hard.

What is the Employee Perspective?

Theory X- It has a negative vibe on the workers, usually people do not like to work, very irresponsible, and needs close supervision to do their jobs.

Theory Y- It has a positive vibe on the workers, people are creative and industrious, and able to have responsibility and have self-control on their jobs.

Centralized or Decentralized?

Theory XY is decentralized because it has more than one theory. (Theory X and Theory Y.)

Pros and cons: There are so many pros and cons for Theory XY.

Example of Theory XY

Theory X- Everyone is really lazy and they do not work.

Theory Y- Everyone is well-organized.