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What is 30Hands

30Hands is a fun storytelling app that allows students, teachers and anyone with creativity to easily create stories or presentations based on photos, images or slides using an iPad or other device. You can create great presentations and stories in a short amount of time.

Do we have access to the program?

There is a free app and it is in the app portal. You can access the videos in an online community The 30hands Community. There is a paid version that offers a lot more bells and whistles.

Is this on the computer or iPad?

Videos have to be created on the iPad but can be accessed from the computer. You can create a class on the computer and join an online community.

In addition to content on the computer, you can use the eClassroom to collaborate with your students and make your assignment process much easier.

Directions for Creating a Presentation

Creating a Presentation

  • Click the plus sign in the top right corner

  • Give your presentation a title

  • Click Add Slides

  • You need to have slides with pictures you’ve taken, and/or pictures you’ve downloaded from the Internet, consider searching for inspirational quotes pertaining to your topic

  • Watch the video below to see how to do both of these tasks

  • Plan what you want to say for EACH slide, re-record if you mess up. This will count as your communication score!

  • Record your voice for each slide

    • Tap the first slide

    • Press the record button to begin recording

    • Press the record button again to stop recording

    • Press the triangle to play your recording

    • Press the record button to replace your recording with a new one, when prompted choose yes to replace the recording

    • Swipe to the next slide and record your voice

  • Annotate your slides

    • Tap the pencil icon in the bottom left corner to add annotations (notes, shapes, etc) to your slide

    • use this feature to point out the parts you are discussing in your voice recording, do NOT use it to distract from your words, but to ADD to them

    • click save

    • Swipe to the next slide to annotate each one, only if you need to

  • Preview your presentation

    • Click slides in the top left corner

    • Press the triangle at the bottom to play the presentation

    • Press stop when finished

    • Click Slides to return to the slides view

  • Publish your Presentation

    • Click the share arrow in the top right corner in the slides view (if you do this while on a single slide you get different options)

    • Click Publish video

    • Click Save to Camera Roll

  • Upload to YouTube

    • Open the Photos App

    • Click your video

    • Click the share arrow in the top right corner

    • Click YouTube

    • Log in to your YouTube Account and upload your project

30 Hands Mobile Tutorial

Ideas for the classroom.