President James Madison

Research by Waylon


James Madison was born March 16th 1751. He was the forth president of The United States Of America.His real name was James.He had no sisters in his family.

Early Life

His dad was a tobacco planter as a job.He had 12 brothers in his family.His education was at the Princetown University.In 1794 he married Dolley Madison and they had no children.He was president because he was the party choice for president.

The Presidency

He was a president for 8 years.His vice president was George Clinton.Thomas Jefferson Montesquieu and David Hume influenced James Madison.The important events were the Constitutional Convention, Federalist Papers,Bill of Rights,War Of 1812, and the Treaty of Ghent

After Presidency

After Presidency he lived at Montpelier.He did not do anything after presidency because he just stayed at Montpelier.He died of old age and he died June 28 1836 at Montpelier.He was known as the father of the constitution