Picture Project

Nayelli Garcia

This picture was taken in Tokyo, Japan. I choose this photo because it showed all the different types of objects this family owned and because even their house were different from other countries. This family as a very unique house. They have lots of furniture and this a small family maybe 2 adults that live there and 2 children.
I think the biggest differences are the size of the house because the house in Japan is much bigger than the house in Mongolia. Another difference I notice was that the house in Mongolia is on hill and the house in Japan is more on a flat surface.

The biggest similarities between the 2 photos is that both of the houses have lots of furniture and another similarity is that both houses have the same amount of family members. Also, both of the houses seem in a crowded community.

This photo was taken in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. I chose this picture cause it says no matter where you live you can still have many things and you wouldn't ever know. This family home as such a little house, but it's cute. It looks like they get electricity though because they got a t.v and it seems that a lot of people live there too.