I Will Always Right Back

Caitlin & Martin, two pen pals who changed eachother's lives


Martin Ganda comes from a poor family in Zimbabwe (Zim-BOB-way), Africa. Martin was barley staying in school, but one day at school 10 out of the 40 students received pen pal letters and since he was a top students, so he got the first letter. One day he got a letter from Caitlin with a dollar bill in it (Worth $24 Zimbabwe dollars and one Zimbabwe dollar can buy a days worth of food), and she asks for a dollar in return. Martin just puts it off. Martin tried to hide how poor he was at first, because he thought they wouldn't be friends any more. One day he had to tell her because he is out of school and was going to loose his house. Caitlin started sending him $20 dollars every letter. Finally she told her parents and both lives begin to change.


Caitlin comes from a family that can be considered some-what rich. She comes from Hatfield, Pennsylvania and was 12 years old when she wrote he first letter to Martin. Caitlin was not that interested at school but something about the name Zimbabwe intrigued her. And as soon as she got home she wrote the first letter. The second letter first letter from Martin included: his brother's (and one sister's) names, his age, where he lived, and sports he liked. When she received each letter Martin gave hints to how poor he is but Caitlin never realized it, until he finally tells Caitlin. She started sending him all her baby-sitting money (about $20 each time). One day she gets two letters and it was for her parents and it was asking for any help if possible from Martin. Caitlin's parents were hesitant at first, but wanted to help.

College and Money

Martin wanted to be a doctor, and his only chance before Caitlin was to be the number one student in his class. Martin was always number one and very smart but that could only get him so far. When he wrote to Caitlin's parents they replied with; we would be glad to help, but it was going to be hard because Martin's farther just lost his job and he was know longer in school. Caitlin's parents were determined to help and sent him the money for him and all his brothers and sister to go to school. Once he completed high school it just got harder. Caitlin's mom went out looking every day for scholarships for Martin everyday, but they all said no, or only offered part scholarships. It was not looking good for Martin when he finally caught a break. Caitlin's mother wrote to one particular college again and the college found the money to bring him to college!