Tech Tips: Smore!

Smore: an alternative presentation tool.

Smore, A Presentation Tool

  • FREE
  • cloud based presentation tool
  • simple format: titles with text, embedded media and files, intuitive
  • alternative to usual presentation tools, ie. Keynote/PowerPoint
  • no software to download
  • analytic tools available
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How could you use Smore?

  • Alternative to usual presentation tools
  • Unit Presentations
  • Flipped Lesson
  • Field Trip Information
  • Student collections


John F. Kennedy "Ask Not"


John F Kennedy 'Ask not' by IMD380

Recreation of how Rome looked "in the day!"

Collect Web Tools for Students

Here's an example of a math teacher's compilation of web math tools for easy reference.

Tutorial for a Tech Process

Do your students use a web app? Create a tutorial!
Why do Americans vote on Tuesdays? - Jacob Soboroff

How do I set up a Smore?

Let's try it out...