The Nutrient Fat


Facts about fat

Fats are an essential part of the diet. Fat soluble vitamins, such as vitamun a could not be absorbed without some fat in the diet. Fat also contains the body with energy. It contains more energy than any other nutrient (9 calories per gram).

Functions of fat

The functions of fat

1.Fat is mostly stored in the bodys adipose (fat) cells but is also found in blood plasma and other body cells.

2.Fat insulates your body, cushions your vital organs, and can be converted into energy.

3.Fat is used to build new cells and is critical for normal brain development and nerve function.

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How can fat help?

Fat can help us by keeping us warm and alive. Without fat there would be alot of things wrong with our body like our vitial organs wouldn't be protected and they could get hurt easliy. our body needs fat to stay healthy and to stay in good shape. Fat is the most essential nutrient you can have because it keeps your vital organs safe.

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