I Make the Best Guns in Town!

The One Stop Shop-Repairs, Sales and Orders All Done Here

I Am A Gunsmith

How to make a gun

  1. make barrel out of iorn
  2. carve elbow hold out of wood
  3. attach flint lock on top of gun
  4. put barrel together with elbow hold
  5. put in trigger
  6. attach bayonet holder
  7. Redy aim fire!!!

All avalable here.

The King Approves.

If you buy here the kKng won't TAX you on it so you can save money!

I my the most skiled gun smith in colonial times.

We are now taking apprentices and hiring workers.

  1. We are offering a minimum wage of $3.00 per hour.
  2. We are olny taking 10 apprentices.