Kokoda Challange

By Finn.O


The kakoda challenge is a 96km walk in the jungle with in boiling heat. A challenge of a life time. At the end of the walk to see the reasuring arches of the finish. this was a reality for someone supposed to attend the olympics when a horrible car crash left Chloe fighting for survival. Medics were unable to tell even if she was goiung to live.

Chloe had some of her skull taken of to operate on the brain. The doctors after her case being called stable said Chloe would be out within 9-10 months but Chloe would bre out much earlier . In just three months from the fatal crash she was out and still recovering.

The hospital sent Chloe her final challange to complete the kokoda challenge. A race many before her had not been able to complete. Happy to help the people that helped her she put in everything she had to complete and prove everyone wrong. She finished every muscle aching and raised lots of money.