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January 30, 2015 #EHSRedDevils

Building Geometry ePortfolios

Ms. McMunn's 3rd graders started building a geometry eportfolio using Google Drawing. As students learn new geometry facts they can add this knowledge to their portfolio on Google Drive.

Students create the shapes, name the shapes, define the shapes and add real life example of the shape in their Google Drawing.

How could you use Google Drawing to support your curriculum?

EPIC!: FREE eBooks for Teachers!

Epic! is the first "All-You-Can-Read" eBook service for kids. We provide an epic reading experience by letting kids choose and instantly access the books they want to read, without the need to purchase and download them one-by-one.

Epic! is the only kids eBook subscription service that offers thousands of high-quality books from well known publishers like HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster, National Geographic and many others.

TECH Tuesdays

Elkmont High School began offering TECH Tuesday sessions to teachers and paraprofessionals in grades Pre-K through 12th grades as well as administrators, counselors, librarians and anyone else interested in learning about technology.

The Limestone County School District rolled out it's Digital Passport Initiative this year and will expand the rollout of 1:1 MacBooks over the next four years until all students in grades 3-12 have a MacBook.

TECH Tuesday sessions are designed to give school staff a chance to get ahead of the rollout and get use to using some of the various technologies they will use when MacBooks arrive in their classrooms.

Weekly TECH Tuesday sessions are designed around the needs of school staff members based on a technology needs survey.

This week we learned how to create, name, share, and collaborate with Google Docs. We also delved into add-on briefly. Kaizena and (g)Math are two of my favorites for the classroom.

What are your must have Google Doc add-ons?

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