What is Wind?

Wind is the movement of air from areas of high pressure to areas of low pressure.

Unequal heating of earth's surfaces causes the wind. The name of wind you where the wind comes from. A west wind blows from west.

Wind speed is measured with an anemometer.

There are two main groups of winds. They are global winds and local winds.

Local winds.

Local winds blow over a short distance.They blow one direction during the day and then in the opposite direction at night.

Sea breeze- is a local wind that blows from a sea/ocean toward land. A sea breeze usually happens during the day.

Land breeze- is a local wind that blows from land over a lake/sea. A land breeze usually happens at night.

Global winds.

A global wind is a wind that blows steadily over long distance. A global wind blows from same direction every time. Earth rotates from East to West. Earth's rotation makes global winds curve. the way the winds curve is called the Coriolis effect.

Doldrums- Are winds at equator 0 latitude. and are very weak.

Trade winds- Lie between 0-30 degree latitude and are very strong winds. Sailors use these winds to help them move their cargo to other countries. trade winds are located in Northern Hemisphere.

Jet Streams

Polar Easterlies.