Anthony Medero

History: What year was this country found? Who found it?

Colombia was named after Christoper Columbus. The Spanish first explored it in the 1500s searching for gold. Natives settled in the area and made jewelry, pottery, and stone carvings. In 1525 a man named Rodrigo de Bastidas founded a permanent base at Santa Marta.

Resources: What other resources dies this country have/produce? How does this affect its people?

Colombians grow coffee, bananas, sugar cane, and fresh flowers. Farming is a big part of Colombian lives. It affects the people because colombians like to do it and they get some of the food they eat from farming.

Culture: What holidays does this country celebrate? Why are they celebrated?

La Semana Santa is a big Holiday in Colombia. La Semana Santa is one of the kids' favorite holidays in Colombia. They get a week off of school. During that week they stay home and spend time with their families. While they are with there families they eat special Colombian foods.

Geography: What is the population of this country? Is it increasing or decreasing?

The population of Colombia is 46,245,297 people. 75% of Colombians live in cities. One third of the people in Colombia are under the age of 15. 49.2% of the people in Colombia are males. 50.8% are females. The growth rate of the population is 1.128%