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Elementary Office Update 5/24/21

Greetings NC Elementary Families,

We have made it to the final week of school! I am SO proud of the resilience our students, families, and staff have shown this school year. We have overcome so many obstacles and had to rely heavily on our partnerships with one another. I am so grateful for everyone's hard work during this interesting year. When walking around the building I am in awe at the close knit classroom communities that have formed. Students have done well in adjusting to our changes and still leaning into having fun and learning with their teachers!

We look forward to a more hopeful 2021 - 2022 school year! I want to share a few of the things we are most excited about:

  • A new literacy curriculum that relies heavily on explicit phonics instruction and thematic units to build background knowledge! Students will get to dig into fun topics like astronomy, fairy tales, the Vikings, and more!
  • A more robust response to intervention team. The hiring of an additional math interventionist/instructional coach and educational assistant will allow us to better support students in their classrooms and in targeted groups!
  • Expanded outdoor opportunities - more picnic tables, outdoor easels, and pop up tents will allow us to better utilize our wonderful school grounds.
  • We have hired excited new staff members who have already begun training with us. New staff for next year include: Ms. Keegan (3rd), Ms. Lynn (1st), Mr. Ladwig (5th), Mr. DiPadova (Art), Mrs. Klein (Math Interventionist / Instructional Coach) and Mr. Moderski (School Counselor).
  • Staff who have shifted include Ms. Anderson (now K), Mrs. Haefer (now 2nd), Mrs. Miller (now Elementary Special Education) and Mrs. Pettit (now EA in our RTI department)!

Our board meetings over the summer will be when decisions are made surrounding COVID-19 protocols for next school year.As always, please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns that you may have.

Upcoming Dates:

5/26 - Elementary Day of Fun (Each grade will get time in bounce houses!)

6/1 - 5th Grade "Parade" (5th grade families received a note home w/ details)

6/2 - Last Day of School (Early Release Day @ 1:05), Report Cards will be sent home with students

6/14-7/2 - Summer School Dates

8/13 - Teacher Placements for 21-22 school year will be posted on Skyward

In partnership,

Amanda Killeen

Elementary Principal

608-624-5201 ext 232

Interested / Able to help with our staff lounge makeover?

With some of our staff changes / room shifts - we will be redoing the Elementary Staff Lounge. After the dedication of our staff during a difficult year, we would like to surprise them with a new space to recharge during the workday. Help us show our Elementary teachers our appreciation after a hard year!

We are currently in the process of reaching out to businesses for donations, but also wanted to share the amazon wish list with school families who might be interested in contributing to this effort. The list below will send the items right to school. When checking out, please be sure to include a note with who it is from so we can formally thank you or we won't know who donated. When you purchase from the list, is is automatically set up to ship right to school!

Amazon Wish List

Full Virtual Families

Our last student day is June 2nd. Please plan to be done by that date with your child's lessons (at least 80% completed with the program). Chromebooks and any other school items can be dropped off in the Elementary Office before June 9th. Please make sure to return all power cords, hot spots, etc. If you haven't already, please connect with me on what your family's intentions are for next school year as we are in the process of putting together class lists. We can always add students later in the summer to in-person, but we tend to get more well rounded class lists if we know ahead of time. For those of you still considering virtual education for your child next school year. We will be partnering with Rural Virtual Academy. The link to their information can be found here.

Summer School Contact Information

If you have any questions about summer school or need to communicate information about your child, please do so directly with the summer school coordinator.

Carrie Galindo

(608) 624-5201 Ext. 109

For transportation, please call Kevin @ the bus garage:


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