2nd Grade Big Top News

February 2016


Welcome to the Big Top. We are so excited to share all the wonderful and exciting new things the students have been learning!
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Language Arts

The students are brushing up on their grammar skills and learning about singular and plural possessive nouns. Mrs. Guttman’s class is completing a project on Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing and discussing the book’s theme, characters, setting, problems, and solutions. In Ms. Rosenfeld’s class, the students are learning about cause and effect, as well as reviewing characters, setting, problem, and solutions. The students will be reading and discussing different short stories that encompass these skills.


The students are completing the math unit on adding and subtracting three-digit numbers with regrouping. At the end of the month, the students will use hands on manipulatives to explore money and time. They will learn to solve real world problems involving dollar bills, coins, and they will use the money symbols appropriately. The students will also tell and write time using analog and digital clocks to the nearest five minutes and use a.m. and p.m. properly.


The students are exploring volume and matter in class. Last week they made a cloud in a bottle and talked about phase changes (heat energy causes melting and evaporation and removing heat energy causes condensation and freezing). This week we will do an activity where they explore what it means for a substance to "take the shape of its container” and have “definite volume.”

Social Studies

The students have spent the past time learning about the Civil Rights Movement and famous African Americans. They will complete a biography project in the next few weeks. Each student will research famous African Americans who have made a positive impact in our community. They will present their projects to their peers and share what they have learned to the class at the end of February.


Shalom! The month of February is going to be a very exciting month for our students. February 10th is the beginning of the Hebrew month of Adar Alef. This year the Jewish calendar has 13 months. In a regular year we have one month of Adar, and in a leap year (every 4 years) we have Adar Alef and Adar Bet. The Holiday of Purim is going to be celebrated in the month of Adar Bet.

In Hebrew we are working on enriching our Hebrew vocabulary. Students will be working on their writing skills, forming sentences and how to identify the subject, noun, verb and adjective in a sentence. We also continue our study of the weekly Parasha each Wednesdays and enjoy the interactive Parsha Drama program each week.


In January we talked, wrote, and worked on a special project for Grandparents’ Day. After taking a break in our unit about frutas – fruits, we will resume this topic by playing with fruits, naming and labeling them correctly, and matching pictures with the appropriate words. To conclude the unit we will have a “class fruit salad party” so, close to that event, you will be receiving an email from me asking your son/daughter for some fruit. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in make this “learning party” a success.
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This month we will learn about Chinese New Year, which is on February 8th, the year of the monkey. We will learn about vocabulary related to Chinese New Year, including Happy New Year and New Year’s blessings. Using power point, they will also learn how to sing a Chinese New Year song as well as play interactive games related to the celebration of the New Year. The power point will also include Chinese New Year’s traditions and cuisine. We will also learn about the 12 Chinese zodiac animals and their stories. They will find out what zodiac animal corresponds with their birth year.


We have finished learning how to dribble, pass, defend and shoot a basketball and are now practicing these skills in game play. At the end of the month, we will learn the same skills but using a stick in our hockey unit. Our hand eye coordination, speed and core strength are improving with each sport that we learn.


Second grade will experience hands on explorations this month that introduce our students to robotics. Through designing and building a robotic spinning top students will identify robotic engineering structures. Students will be introduced to operating and designing key functions on the computer. As well as constructing a model through problem solving strategies.


This month, the second grade classes were learning about the art of the famous artist Piet Mondrian. Now, we are moving to another project, focusing in the art of the famous American artist Peter Max and his pictures about the Statue of Liberty.