mLearning in the Classroom

A collection of apps which can be used in a K-12 classroom

FirstWords: Deluxe

This is an app which helps children spell.

It can especially be useful in a Kindergarten or Grade 1 classroom setting to help those kids who are having a bit of difficulty with spelling. The app allows the teacher to match a child's skill level and tailor the work that they are doing with the app.

(It is available through iTunes at the App store.)


This is an app that allows students to learn basic math (like counting to 100), identifying numbers, matching/sorting, and adding/ subtracting. Kids can learn to count and build basic math skills with this app.

It is targeted at elementary students particularly grades K-1. In a classroom setting the app can be used as a help students improve their math skills. As for the students who are struggling a bit more, you can adjust the difficulty level for them. This would allow you to identify what level each student is at with their math skills.


This is an app that helps children identity shapes in a fun and educational way.

This app would be great for kids in grades K-3, as they know the basic shapes and can improve upon their skills.

GazziliShapes is best at helping kids hunt down shapes and practice following step-by-step instructions. In a classroom setting, the teacher can use this app as maybe a learning station for shapes and have the kids work through it in small groups or individually.

This is a website and app that allows kids the chance to create stories in a fun and easy way.

Storybird allows kids to use their reading and writing skills, as well as their creativity and imagination to create brand new stories by themselves or with family members and friends. In the classroom setting the teacher can use this as a creative project for the students to enhance their writing skills, while also allowing them to use their imagination at the same time as you are allowed to choose your own theme.

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Spelling Bee

This is an app that allows kid's to practice their spelling & test themselves.

With Spelling bee, kids can learn new vocabulary words, pronunciations, and detailed definitions of words they may have already heard or read. This would probably be targeted towards upper elementary kids. In the classroom setting the app would be great to be used for practice before a spelling test or such, as there is a study mode along with a test mode

Learn With Homer

This is a comprehensive reading app designed for children aged 3-6.

Kids are able to learn basic & improve upon their reading skills on Learn With Homer: basic letter sounds, letter (capital and lowercase), word recognition, critical thinking, and reading comprehension. In the classroom setting the teacher could use this as in interactive activity for the students as it has different stories and options to explore through.

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