Detroit Harmonie Board Newsletter

Second Edition

Happy Monday Everyone!

Taste the World Dinners have been eaten, Super Bowls have been won, and here we are again at the beginning of a new week--and a new opportunity to drive Detroit Harmonie forward.

This week we are going to make a big push to get more Chefs to apply for our top Chef Challenge. Allie, Jordan, Adam, and I have talked with many chefs around town, but we need more outreach. Applications close on Friday, and we need to get 9 more people to sign up.

Let's start this week right!

Article of the Week

This article in the Washington Post discusses the future of philanthropy, and how younger donors are changing the face of giving. This new generation is focused on start-ups, social entrepreneurs, and innovation.

Question of the Week

What implications does the changing face of giving have on how non-profits organize themselves?

Action Item of the Week

Get three chefs to apply to the Top Chef Challenge.