The growing popularity of Lego

Lego Robotics Camps

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The growing popularity of Lego robotics camps

Whirring metal-girder robots are remotely controlled by programs written on computer and are propelled by Omni directional wheels, usually made of plastic. These robots can swiftly move across the concrete floors. There are several institutions all over the world that hoists several (science, technology, engineering and math), STEM camps every summer. The Whirring metal-girder robot is just a glimpse of the advanced LEGO robotics camp held by several community colleges.

Insight into Lego robotics camps

Several instructors of the Lego robotics camp state that advanced LEGO robotics is just one's brain informing the computer as to what to do. The advanced LEGO robotics camp is filled with real-life application as well as challenges. Programming logic as well as integrating the functions which utilise electrical components such as sensory devices, on/off switches, motors and batteries are taught to students in the LEGO robotics camp.

The projects commonly offered by the LEGO camps address the grasping elements as well as bowling objects which is coupled with navigation and has to be aware the surroundings of the robot. The robots should have the ability to exercise its operations and should not endanger property or life in real life.

Rising popularity of Lego robotics camp amongst students

The advanced LEGO robotics camp is gaining a lot of attention amongst young students. Several school students attend the advanced LEGO robotics camp with a basic aim of gaining exposure and experience on electronics and robotics through the camp. After the camp, they try to incorporate the disciplines of the program as a part of his upcoming career path. There is so much to learn in the camp.

History of Lego robotics camp

The advanced LEGO robotics camp was launched couple of years ago by the Cleveland State Community College. Alyssa Douglass, project co-ordinator for workforce development for the Cleveland State stated that the camp has substantially increased in size over the past two years. By working along with experienced professionals and by taking field trips, the camp participants gain perception about the real-world applications by using STEM concept.

In the advanced LEGO robotics camp, the students get the opportunity to meet technicians of bomb disposal along with their robots. The students who attend the Biochemistry camp get the opportunity to visit a forensic lab, in addition to the aquaponics farm. This opportunity guides them under the various available career path, DNA theory and stress lab work.

The same kind of exposure is available to students who take part in camps related to multimedia, culinary arts as well as advanced manufacturing. The basic objective of the camp is to implement is to highlight the career paths available to any student and also to familiarise and educate them with the same.

It is quite essential for the upcoming generation to get exposure to modern technology. The parents need to understand the importance of getting the current generation to be work ready for the jobs of the 21st Century. This can be done only with advanced training in specific segments.

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