Spanish Newsletter

Week of February 4 -8, 2013

What we did this week...

This week students played a game similar to "war" with their vocabulary words. Based on my observations they seemed to really enjoy this activity and were learning at the same time! (I included some pictures of them playing this game in this newsletter at the bottom.)

On Tuesday students were assessed on their knowledge and application of the verb "gustar" (to like, please) and vocabulary words associated with leisure activities. Your child should be able to express what he/she likes to do/ does not like to do, and can tell you what others like/don't like to do. Overall students performed well on this assessment and demonstrated acceptable standard of skill.

Students were also introduced to the more adjectives that correlate to the verb "ser" (to be). Some of the adjectives included in this list are tall, short, funny, boring, intelligent, good, bad, etc. These are characteristics that describe mental and physical traits. These adjectives are considered long-term in comparison with the other adjectives that are used with "estar". (Remember: Students learned "estar" adjectives last week and these adjectives communicate a conditional/short-term condition.) For example: The teacher is short (The verb "Ser" would be used in this sentence in Spanish because it is considered a characteristic). The teacher is sick (The verb "estar" would be used in this sentence in Spanish because it is considered a condition).

Coming up Next Week...

Students will be assessed on the verb "ser" and the adjectives correlated to this verb tomorrow (Friday).

Next week students will tackling the differences between the verbs "ser" and "estar". This is an important skill in Spanish because it communicates a temporary vs. a permanent description. I will be "singing" them the reasons for using "ser" so that they can understand the differences for when it is used. Be sure to ask them to sing you the "ser" song.

Students will be asked to demonstrate how and when to use these verbs in a project. I have attached the project details in the email so that you have an understanding of what they need to demonstrate and how they are being scored. Students will also be assessed on learning expectation #5 of our School-wide learning expectations. (If you have difficulty opening this email, please let me know.)

Course Fair (Reminder)

Milton High School is holding its annual "Course Fair" tonight 6:30-8:00 p.m. Students and parents of current 8th-11th graders are encouraged to attend. Students will be registering for their courses for next year during their TA's in February.

Which Spanish course will my student be taking next year?

Students who are currently enrolled in Spanish I part II now will be registering for Spanish II and Spanish III for next year. Colleges and Universities strongly recommend that high school graduates have at least 2 consecutive years of the same world language on their transcripts. This would be the equivalent to taking Spanish I (part I), Spanish I (part II), Spanish II, and (ideally) Spanish III.

If you have any questions about registration for next year, please don't hesitate to contact your child's guidance counselor.