Come for the fabulousness, Stay for the Flying Rainbow Seals

Our National Anthem. Wreaking Ball - Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball lyrics

Basic Information For NoodlePandaz

NoodlePandaz took over Mexico, we gave the president of Mexico a panda and he let us take over. NoodlePandaz has a lot of terrain types, we have beaches, swamps, desserts, jungles, plains, forests, mountains, basically everything. We don't have a very big population, there is 780 people in the entire country. Our population is so small cause people think were weird, people these days.. were NOT weird at ALL, nope no way. Our capital city is Derptown and it usually warm it only rains 2-4 times a month. NoodlePandaz is a Monarchy, the king of the elves is Cashius and the queen of the weird, uninteresting human beings is Natalie.

Culture Of NoodlePandaz

NoodlePandaz is a very weird country. We speak English, Japanese and Chinese, we eat sushi, golden apples, noodles, cookies, pies, steak and other normal food (Ex. Hot dog, rice and fast food). Our national sports are sword fighting (With styrofoam swords from Walmart) and moonwalking competitions, but some popular sports are swimming, soccer and pandaback riding. Obviously our national animal is the panda but we also have some very unique animals like the flying rainbow seals, they can go through anything (You could be sleeping and there would be flying rainbow seals flying through your walls). But they can't go through people, if they happen to hit a human or elf they fall through the floor slowly. We have all the basic Holidays but we have a unique holiday panda day it celebrates the last day of school for students (June.26th). For clothing we wear leaves diamond armour (For when we create war with other countrys) and we wear normal clothing made out of Cotton and Wool. We listen to normal music (surprisingly) like One Direction, Imagine Dragons and everyday music on the radio, our famous celebrities are One Direction, Imagine Dragons and everyday celebrities (We don't like Justin Bieber very much, if we see him we will eat him on sight). We have normal pets like cats, dogs and goldfish but some other common pets are goats, cows, mushrooms and flowers (We named a flower Bellona).

Economy Of NoodlePandaz

We don't make things that other countries want, we're to lazy to make stuff. People do sometimes want a panda from us but we don't give them away cause their special. In NoodlePandaz people live in treehouses, nice looking caves and normal houses, we also have hotels for when people come to visit. Our capital and most popular city is Derptown, it's the same as Herptown, Merptown and Werptown. They don't look the same but they all have lots of pandas and school 1 time a week, everyone in NoodlePandaz is very very very very very very lazy.

Enviroment Of NoodlePandaz

In NoodlePandaz we have the Panda habitat, they live in the jungle and eat leaves and bamboo, we also have Pokémon habitats they live in all different places it all depends on the type of Pokémon (Ex. If it was a water type it would live in water if it was a grass type it would live in the plains). Our weather in NoodlePandaz is always warm and there is always a rainbow in the sky, it rains at least 2-4 times a month. Our unique animals are Flying Rainbow Seals (More info on them in the Culture section) and Flying Rainbow Sheep (Their exactly like the seals), our unique plants are chompers.

Other Random Facts About NoodlePandaz

The relations between Canada and NoodlePandaz are horrible, we've tried to have war with them (In fact we've tried to have war with every country in the world), the only countrys that we like are China and Japan. We take qualities from Japan and China (That's why we like them so much). From Japan we get out Pokémon and China we get our noodles.

Come Stay At The Panda Hotel!

Come For A Visit!

Come to NoodlePandaz to see the fabulousness we have to offer! Hotel rooms will be priced from 30-70$ a night. Hope to see you all soon riding on our giant pandas and eating noodles!