the enormous egg

vance skinner

chapter 1

Nate lives in a farm and he has a hin that lad a jinent egg.

The roster is noysey.Mrs.porsin beaging to leves her wendow opin.

chapter 2

Ther were pepole called news rporter.Thay cameand toke pichers of the egg.

Thay toke pichers of the gerl.


He met Dr. ziemer he was inrested in the jint egg beqaus he celekted them.


He was giving up and then Dr.zener sead[ call me win the egg hached] then the egg hached.


Dr.ziemer figerd out that hached out the egg.


Joe kep gesing of wat was in the egg joe did not like what was inthe egg so he called it a big egg.

chapter 7

Dr.zimer statetalking about dr. kindey.


There was a guy whit a sutcas and askid if dr.zimer lived hear and thin nate sead dr.zimer lives with the mickfisins.


There are sintist that chriy xspirmintes on the dinosor to see what tip it is.


There was a guy with a long bird that and he keep asking about the dinosaur that hatched out the hen egg. Nate cep ansring the questions he thot dr.Zimmer was Dr.kidney and the became best friends the guy with the bird came ill the way from Toto Canada.


The dinosaurs got so big that than can not yous the same skell thay have a bigger one if thay hose a small one it will brack the skell.


Thay left

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