Have I ever used Assistive technology?

Question #1

I have limited exposure to assistive technology. I tend to use text to read and speech to text.

# 2 Question What are the AT pieces that I researched?


Earl, C. (1999). Product evaluation. Windows databases used with screen readers: an overview. Journal Of Visual Impairment & Blindness, 93(6), 386-390.

1. Speach recognition software:

a. This article covers free computer based technology programs.

b. The visual impared is the disabilities serviced.

c. this will allow the student to break down the berriers of not being able to read but hear the information in the text or paper copies that a student may need to work on.


Brodwin, M. G., Star, T., & Cardoso, E. (2004). Computer Assistive Technology for People who Have Disabilities: Computer Adaptations and Modifications. Journal Of Rehabilitation, 70(3), 28-33.,uid&db=aph&AN=14508433&site=ehost-livea.


a. This article is about Computer Adaptations and Modifications. My focus was on Alternative keyboards and mice. By creating multiple programmed phrases, words, or any other combination the student is able to communicate and increase thier opportunity to learn.