Miss. Nedza's Weekly Newsletter

Week of September 12th-16th

What We Learned this Week

This week we continued the theme of friends. We specifically talked about the choices we can make with our friends. One activity that highlighted this was when students worked in pairs to sort good friend choices and bad friend choices. The students did a great job to work with one another to complete the activity. Some stories we read about friendship were: Bo and Peter, Friends, Tiger and Badger, Duck and Goose, and Mine!

This week we also learned the letter D. The motion we learned with the letter d is to pretend to play the drums. Additionally we kept practicing our letters we have already learned. These letters are: M, N and B.

A Look at Next Week...

Next we will start talking about our 5 senses. The first two senses we will be talking about are Hear and See. Please encourage your child to recognize the senses at home.


Next week we will be starting PATHS. PATHS is a social emotional program that we will be using in class. Each week we will highlight a different skill to work on. By using this program, students will increase self control, gain emotional understanding, use cognitive abilities and strategies, use effective conflict-resolution strategies, and learn how to become more engaged and keep attention.