Texas Annexation

By:Maddie Hoel

The signifigance of Texas being annexed to the United States

1. The Manifest Destiny

2.The slavery issues

3 War with Mexico

The Manifest Destiny

The point of view from the Americans is that the annexation would bring us closer to the Manifest Destiny.The Northerners and the Midwesterners believe that Manifest Destiny really means expandingf slavery with in Texas.

Slavery issues

The slavery could mean the slaves could lose their rights that they might have.The annexation of Texas may mean to expand slavery throughout Texas.

War with Mexico

One of the reasons they might have war is with the borders and it cpuld cause a war between the two.Another reason is that Mexico dosen't want to realize that Texas is apart of the United States.The Mexicans also doesn't want to give up their land and it could cause a war.