Principal Update

April 29, 2013

Happy Monday...

Welcome back BSE! As many of you may have noticed we had a few of our team members out today. The 4th grade team was so amazing on the field trip that they all went and got sick, well at least Bill, Jenn, and Jennifer did. It appears that we had an issue with a bug of some sort on the trip and today we had about 20 kids in the 4th grade out. We hope to get everyone back tomorrow as the bug seems to be a 24 hour one. Thanks to the 4th grade for providing another safe and amazing adventure to our students and parents. I have had many positive messages sent about this special event and know that the event is amazing because they put so much extra time, energy, and passion into the trip. Nice work 4th grade team!!!
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Evaluation Update

This is the final reminder for any of you who have not made an appointment for your final evaluation meeting. Julie will schedule this if you ask her to do so. I am now down to my final three long observations and WILL be finished this week. The process has been very positive and I have learned so much by being able to view every teacher this year. The trend data that is provided by the long and short observation is very interesting. I'll present these trends at the beginning of the year meeting and set up PD around the areas where we collectively need to move forward. Remember at the end of year meeting I will show you your end of year calculations based on everything that is in the system that particular week. Your TLO's and CLO's do not have to be completed at that time, however they can be. I'll show you your estimated score and still don't know if we will have a school score or not, waiting for legislature news. Please schedule if you have not done so and keep up the great work!

1:1 Technology Pilot Comes to BSE

Congratulations to Robin Young, 1:1 BSE Coach, for securing one of the "extra" pilot iPad labs from the district last week. Robin has been highly aggressive with her integrated tech projects all year long. It is safe to say that her behaviors captured the attention of many of us in and out of the school. Robin will have a full classroom of iPads next year where she will begin to model "flipped" classroom concept. We will be able to learn a great deal from her experiences with the class! Thanks Robin!!!

2013-2014 Schedule

The schedule for the 2013-2014 school year is completed. Thanks to Mrs. Murch, Mrs. Kussy, Mrs. Schermerhorn, Mrs. Derado, Ms. McCarty, Mrs. Grant, and Ms. Young for the positive collaboration and professionalism you modeled throughout the process. We will implement a four day rotation and an open library concept. This is an exciting time for all of us at BSE and I can't wait to celebrate the benefits of having an open concept after a few months next year! The schedule will be emailed to you today!

Wanted....PTO Executive Committee Rep for 2013-15

Friday, May 31st 2013 at 9pm

DK Office

Interested? Swing by and talk with me.

Congratulations Heather Skaggs on securing a perm 4th grade position. Heather is replacing Kim Day's contract.

Wanted....Cultural Competency Committee Member for 2013-2014

Friday, May 31st 2013 at 10am

DK 's office

Interested...inquire at office.

Event Schedule: Eval (Beyrer, Harris, and Siwik) ISTEP: Today through May 10

  • Today: NO Meetings
  • 4/30/13: PLP Meeting 4pm
  • 5/1/13: REACH Meeting - 4pm
  • 5/2/13: Kaminski Admin 9AM
  • 5/3/13: 4th and Kinder Team 8AM

  • 5/6/13: National Nurses Day - Kaminski/Kussy Admin/Discussion 4pm
  • 5/7/13: RTI Core Team 8AM - REACH Team 8AM - Kaminski BSU 3:30pm
  • 5/8/13: Kinder PD Day - 1st Grade 3:50pm - 4th Grade Track Meet 5pm
  • 5/9/13: Sped Team 11AM - PLP Webinar 10 4pm
  • 5/10/13: kinder, 3rd, and 4th grade team meetings 8am


Reminder: NHL Hockey Playoffs Begin Tomorrow!