Child Labor

By: KIDAC News

Child Labor in the Cocoa Industry

Have you ever thought of where your chocolate comes from? In the Ivory Coast 200,000 children work on cocoa farms to make the chocolate you eat. Children in farms get exposed to chemicals, long working hours, and no education. Most children that work on farms are between the ages of 12 and 16. These children use dangerous weapons such as machetes and knives to cut the bean pods which violates international labor laws. Also children are exposed to "agricultural chemicals" on the cocoa farms. Many of these children do not wear protection when spraying the toxins. So the next time you eat chocolate think about the kids who work long hours on the cocoa farms.

What can you do?

The KIDAC News is fighting to stop child labor in the Ivory Coast. The KIDAC News is asking donations from you to help the children receive an education. By donating to this cause, it will save a child from child labor. Child Labor depreives children fo their childhood. Children that work in the agricultural sector recieve no payment, and when they become injured or ill they do not get any treatment. Your donations will help get these children off the cocoa farms. Your donations make a difference in your orgainization, no donation is too small!


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