Spring Quarter 2020


Together, we can slow the spread. Stay home. Stay 6 feet apart if you must go out. Wash hands.

How Has COVID-19 Impacted CON Graduate Students?


  • Many of our students and faculty are working on the front lines in the face of this global pandemic. You are respected. You are needed. You are brave. You also need to take care of yourself. Remember the Jesuit value of discernment and reflection. Take time to reflect on where you are now in this moment. You are not alone, we are a community and we are here for you. Please reach out to each other and reach out to us.

  • All classes are being offered remotely for Spring and Summer quarters. If you have been having any trouble at all connecting, accessing Zoom, or accessing technology - please reach out to Missy Hancock, the Graduate Program Coordinator for direction and resources at

  • The Lemiux Library has laptops on loan, for more information, email

  • Fees that are not applicable during the temporary change to remote learning will not be charged. There will be no charges for the university’s recreation fee, the graduate student activity fee and most course fees. The technology fee will continue to be charged.

  • In some cases, emergency aid can be used if you qualify. Student Financial Services is always available to discuss changing circumstances and needs of students. Please contact Financial Aid staff if you have any significant changes in your family or individual financial situation. Student Financial Services can be reached via email at or by phone at 206-220-8020.

  • All Clinical Placements have been put on hold for Spring, which has means that the DNP II cohort has had courses moved and APNI students are meeting requirements through Simulations.

  • A new grading policy has been put into place across campus for students due to the Covid-19 outbreak. We understand the unique pressure this outbreak has caused, in particular to those of you who were in the middle of final exams in March. You will receive a letter grade for all classes, however, if you choose to, you can connect with the Registrar (not with your faculty) and have any grade for Winter 2019, Spring 2019 changed from a letter grade to "Credit" on your transcript.

A Few Words from Dean Swanson:

Welcome to a totally unprecedented Spring Quarter. I don’t know about you, but in my world the last five weeks has felt more like five years. Do you realize what a part of history we are living? My guess is that you will forever be known as the DNPs who entered your new roles during a pandemic. Hard as it is, you are experiencing an immersion into practice during a time of crisis. As we have witnessed during this unfolding crisis, we learn to act with the best knowledge available at the moment. Life right now is a matter of constant learning - be it practice (Masks? No masks? For whom? What priorities?), education (Face to Face? Online? Virtual clinical? Return to practice?), or navigating our everyday lives (When is the best time to shop? Will Costco deliver ice cream with toilet paper?).

In January, my son and his wife moved in with me while their home was being remodeled. Yesterday, in pursuit of a snack, I left my home office (formerly known as my bedroom) and walked through my son’s office (dining room) and daughter-in-law’s office (family room) to get to the break room (kitchen). Since both of them were totally engrossed in separate Zoom meetings , I quietly grabbed my snack, headed back to my office and texted them about what to have for dinner

As I reflect on getting through this tumultuous time, it brings to mind the words of Henry Ford. “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you are right.” I believe in our faculty, staff, and students. We can, must, and will get through this.

Kristen M. Swanson, RN, PhD, FAAN | Dean and Professor

A Few Words from Associate Dean Bowie

Is it Spring quarter yet? There are days I am not quite sure! If you are like me, time seems to be quite abstract with days merging into one another. I think the one good thing about being in school is that it gives all of us some structure (Although you may balk at this statement if you are also trying to home school children!). In my 43 years as a nurse I have worked through many unusual and sometimes scary situations, but nothing compares to the current pandemic we are experiencing. I want to thank all of you for your patience, good humor, and endurance during this rather chaotic time. We continue to pivot with our curriculum as new situations arise and I am certain that we are not at the end of these adjustments. Many of you are taking Health Care Quality Improvement this quarter and so you might think about our current situation as continuous, quickly evolving PDSA cycles.

What is most important is that you and those close to you remain safe, healthy, and take care of yourselves. Remember to take walks, play games, zoom with friends and family or whatever provides you with some respite.

I look forward to seeing you all again in person.

Bonnie Bowie, PhD, MBA, RN | Professor and Associate Dean for Graduate Programs

Important Dates, Events & Reminders


April 6 First Class Day

April 14 Summer Registration (this is delayed for DNP students)

May 11 Fall Registration (this will also likely be delayed for DNP students)

May 23-25 Memorial Weekend: no classes

June 8 Last Class Day

June 9-13 Final Exam Week

June 17 Grades Due

June 22 First Class Day - Summer


Incoming APNI Virtual Orientation, Class of 2024 - Monday, June 1 - 6:00pm - 8:00pm PST

Incoming RN Virtual Orientation, Class of 2023 - Tuesday, June 2 - 6:00pm-8:00pm

Virtual Scholarship Day for Graduating DNP III students - June 12th, 10:00am - 2:00pm PST

Hodding & Blessing of Hands for graduating DNP III students - postponed until further notice


We are scheduling Sudent Track Rep meetings for APNI, DNP I, DNP II cohorts for Spring. Make sure to connect with your student track rep if there is something you'd like shared

Student Track Reps: 2019-2020


Sadie Pile At Large

Isla Fisher CNM

Cordelia Cochran PMHNP

Sydney Hutton FNP

Katie From AGNP

Nick Arnold AGACNP


Matthew Johnson At Large

Deeksha Gadi AGACNP

Ben Duchin PMHNP

Kate Guzman CNM

Ruo Ho (Sellenna) Zhang AGNP

Christina Borselli FNP


Ambera Dedic At Large

Ashton Lupton CNM

Kevlin Fleming Slingwine AGNP

Emma Nauman PMHNP

Ambera Dedic FNP

Jacquelyn Calvin (Jaci) AGACNP

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National Recognition - US News World Report

Voted #64 out of 300 DNP programs in the United States and #1 among Jesuit schools!

Welcome Ann Limbaugh, NEW Executive Coordinator to the Dean

What a time to begin a new job! I was drawn to Seattle University because of its commitment to education and community. In these last few weeks I’ve seen that in action – watching the university quickly pivot to remote learning, re-organize instruction to center on the safety and advancement of its students and band together to support students and the greater community around us has been an incredible process to behold. I feel fortunate to work with such a dedicated and engaged team here at the College of Nursing! My professional background is in business and systems management, most recently at a neighborhood preschool – I miss seeing those kids everyday – before that, with and several other large to smallish businesses. I am a native New Yorker but have lived in Seattle for longer than my years spent in NY (I root for the Mariners). Currently, I live in West Seattle with my husband, two teenage kids, dog, cat, handful of chickens and some fish that my kids say are still alive in the pond, though I can’t remember when last I fed them. I love outdoor and travel adventures, all furry creatures (with the exception of raccoons), and reading a good book in the sunshine. I’d tell you drop by and say hi, but social distancing makes that improbable so drop me an email, I’d love to meet you!

Look Who's Joined the CON Staff during Covid-19!


This is the LAST quarter of the Immersion program and you are SO close to becoming an RN!

Think back to where you were 12 months ago and where you are now. Think about how much you've gained while in this program. The knowledge, the skills, the perseverance, the friendships!

The CPL has arranged for you to be able to reach your clinical hour requirements through SIM and the good news is you'll have more time to study for the NCLEX exam! We notice you're a very positive and flexible cohort, motivating each other and offering support.

If you are willing to participate in a student panel for the incoming APNI class of 2024, please connect with Missy. The date for the event will be Monday, June 1 from 6-8pm PST. It would be great to have at few students available to provide time for a Q&A at the end of the orientation!


As the cohort who is in the midst of didactic work, clinical placements have not been disrupted for you. phew!

If you are willing to participate in a student panel for the incoming RN class of 2023, please connect with Missy. The date for this event will be Tuesday, June 2 from 6-8pm PST. It would be great to have a few students who also joined us as RNs last year to be able to a provide time for a Q&A at the end of the orientation.


As you all are aware, due to the Covid-19 outbreak, your Spring quarter clinicals have been put on hold. Until we know more, we will remain hopeful that many of you can complete you clinical hours in a timely manner and you'll all be in a placement by Fall quarter.

The good news is, Many of you are moving forward with starting your DNP Projects OR you've been offered the flexibility to put it on hold until Fall. We hope that by offering that flexibility, you'll be able to focus your energy where it can best be spent.


CONGRATULATIONS! You are graduating this quarter!!

We are planning a virtual Scholarship Day for you all - and will postpone the Hodding & Blessing of Hands Ceremony.

Stay tuned to your email for updates from Missy on how the Scholarship Day will be worked out. The silver lining is you will be able to share your DNP Project work with anyone you'd like to invite and you will be able to complete your DNP requirements to graduate on time.

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In light of the recent transition to remote learning, the CPL team has pivoted to assist with the provision of virtual simulations at the pre-licensure level to help students meet their clinical hour requirement to progress with their programs. The situation has evolved very rapidly and we are here to support students working with the virtual simulation platforms for the time being and look forward to welcoming you back to the CPL when we can safely gather together.

NHSC Scholarship

Learn more by clicking this button!

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Remote Opportunities through Campus Minisry

  1. Still (A Retreat in Daily Life): Registration is open for Still, Campus Ministry’s Retreat in Daily Life offering this quarter. Still offers an opportunity for students to engage, nourish, and deepen their spiritual lives right where they are. Participants will gather on Tuesday evenings over the course of four weeks, hear talks given by campus ministers, share in small group conversation and collective prayer, and have the opportunity to take advantage of individual spiritual accompaniment with a campus minister for the duration of the retreat. No cost to participate. Register on ConnectSU by April 19:

  2. Faith and Justice Cohort: The Faith and Justice Cohort is a small conversation group that meets for six Wednesdays in Spring Quarter (6:00–7:30 p.m. PDT beginning April 29) to explore the intersection of faith and justice in members' lives. The theme of this quarter's cohort is "Being Human Together: Interdependence in a Fractured World." We'll reference companion text Emergent Strategy by adrienne maree brown as we delve into our own experiences of interdependence and activism today. No cost to participate. Register by April 26 on ConnectSU

  3. Looking for someone to talk to?: Campus Ministers can accompany and support students as they process their life experiences. Students may be having difficulty adjusting, grieving the changes, looking for community, trying to find meaning, or needing extra support as they navigate this quarter. Students can connect with a Campus Minister through an online form. A Campus Minister will then reach out to the student within one business day to schedule a time together for a video or phone call. Students do not have to identify as religious or spiritual to talk with a Campus Minister.
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Anti-Stigma Resources

Resources from King County related to Coronavirus


Greetings from the CON Equity and Justice Committee (EJC)!

You may have already noted this information from the email we sent to you back in February, but here is another reminder. The EJC, a student-led, standing committee of the College of Nursing, has been hard at work this academic year on the committee’s voted priorities: (1) increasing support for graduate students of color, low-income grad students, and first-generation in college grad students; (2) improving the focus on equity and justice in APNI orientation, and; (3) creating a reporting mechanism for microaggressions.

Microaggressions Reporting Tool Available

We are excited to announce that we have developed a Microaggressions Reporting Tool. Our guiding principle in creating this tool was a deep desire for the CON to be a safe space for students to learn, faculty to teach, and staff to work, without having to hide or compromise their various identities. We recognize that, like safety or medication errors in hospitals, microaggressions are manifestations of structural inequities and unexamined systems of marginalization rather than the failings of an individual.

In order to collect data on microaggressions, which will lead to actions to prevent them and ameliorate their effects, all such incidents can be reported at

Reporting is confidential and no names are collected. The link is anonymous and cannot be traced to you or your device. The data will be reviewed monthly by a designated faculty member of the EJC, who will deidentify details and report it at each EJC meeting for review and follow-up (as requested or needed).

EJC Resource Website Launched

In addition, we’re excited to announce the launch of our EJC Resource Website. Modeled after the “online syllabus” created by the Black Lives Matter and Standing Rock movements, the Resource Website is an online repository of information on the effects of racism on health, multimedia teaching and learning resources, links to resources on campus and beyond for students of color, first-gen students, and low-income students, and much more. While it can sometimes take a few seconds to load, we invite you to patiently visit it at

If you ever lose this email, you can locate both of these resources by navigating to:

In addition, wallet cards listing both of these websites will soon be available in the CPL and Garrand second floor lobby.

All the best, Dr. Fricas/Jen

On behalf of the Equity and Justice Committee


Click here to learn more

A Note on Email Signatures:

It is important to represent yourself accurately. The Doctor of Nursing Practice program is not a PhD program where students take comprehensive examinations and, upon passing, receive the title, Ph Candidate. Referring to yourself as a candidate can cause confusion with our preceptors.

Instead, we suggest using the following E-signature format:

Name, Credential | DNP Student - specialty | Class of 202X


Your Address or Seattle U Address

work: | cell:


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