Reading Recovery®: Top to Bottom

From the Upper Peninsula to Southern Michigan

May 2020

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“Reading Recovery has one clear goal: To dramatically reduce the number of learners who have extreme difficulty with literacy learning and the cost of these learners to educational systems."

– MARIE M. CLAY, Founder, Reading Recovery

Thank You Reading Recovery Teachers

Reading Recovery teachers are doing amazing and innovative things to stay connected to students. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to provide expert literacy instruction to your students during these challenging times.

You are doing a GOOD JOB!

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We Teach, What is Your Superpower?

Kim Reynolds, Teacher Leader with Dublin City Schools in Ohio, shares why colleague collaboration to support students in these uncertain time is our superpower! Read her blog post.

Roaming Around the Unknown in the Wake of COVID-19

Dr. Amy Smith, Teacher Leader in Richmond, KY shares how roaming is a metaphor and guide for this experience in her blog, Roaming Around the Unknown in the Wake of COVID-19.

Planning for 2020-2021

There is still so much that is unknown as we all plan for the coming school year. We are committed to continuing to support your schools, teachers and students as we move forward into the 2020-2021 school year. The Reading Recovery Center of Michigan at Oakland University continues to offer guidance to training sites across the state in order to maintain Reading Recovery's standards and respond to the changing needs of our schools during these times. Please contact Brooke (EUPISD) or Maeghan (JCISD) with any questions or inquiries. Likewise we will continue to reach out to administrators and teachers with all updates. Together, we can support each other and our struggling readers.

Brooke & Maeghan

Texts of Gratitude from the Parents

Mrs. Coughlin, Oh my gosh, you are truly SO KIND! You went ABOVE & BEYOND! SHE IS ECSTATIC! THANK U AGAIN, SO VERY MUCH!

Mrs. Bradley, You're doing a great job. We appreciate it!

Mrs. Norman, We will zoom, FaceTime, whatever. We so appreciate you being willing to do that. She misses you! I look forward to hearing from you about your ideas to proceed. Thank you so much!!

Ms. Kozma, Karson absolutely loved the letter. He read it then wrote you back. After he wrote the letter he started crying. I asked him what was the matter and he hugged me so tight and said they were happy tears and he was so happy to get a letter from you and write you back. Thank you so much for making his day! It means a lot!

Mrs. Crawford, Emma enjoys her time reading with you. I am so appreciative of the practice she is getting and have noticed a big difference!

Ms. Hoggard, Tucker is enjoying the on-line lessons with you and still being able to see and talk with you. I appreciate the consistency you have provided and always having the teaching resources ready for Tucker. Thank you for continuing to send books home to him.

Ms. McCabe, Thank you for letting me come in and join Evan's reading session. It is inspiring to see how much you go through in such a short period of time and how receptive he is to you. You truly have a gift and I am so thankful for your help.

Mrs. Rugg, Ayla is really enjoying reading. Thank you for putting in the hard work and helping her to become more confident in reading. She just loves you!

Mrs. Taylor, He is doing amazing with you. He is always so resistant with any thing that involves school. He is loving his time with you. He looks forward to it. You working with him in these mediums is actually providing him the teaching element which he desperately needs.

During these unprecedented times, RRCNA is offering free guest memberships until June 30th. Member resources includes access to the Journal of Reading Recovery, classroom literacy and Reading Recovery videos, the RRCNA book list and more!
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Information Compiled By Reading Recovery Teacher Leaders:

Brooke Beacom

Eastern Upper Peninsula Intermediate School District Reading Recovery Site

(906) 440-8937

Maeghan McCormick

Jackson County Intermediate School District Reading Recovery Site

(517) 768-5191