The Hound Of The Baskervilles

Author: Arthur Conan Doyle

Character Analysis

"The Hound of the Baskervilles" is a novel being told from the perspective of Dr. John Watson. Dr. John Watson is the narrator of the book as well as the protagaonist. In the book Dr. Watson was being conveyed as highly intelligent, mindful and devoted. He is also one of Sherlock Holmes's closest friend. In the book, Watson is very respectul toward Sherlock Holmes since he finds him very inspiring. He tries to be the type of detective that Holmes is and he is always trying to please Holmes. The way Holmes view Watson is very important to him and he attempt to follow his footsteps of becoming a great detective. This can be seen in the text when Watson said, " ...I must admit that his words gave me keen pleasure...I was proud, too, to think that I has so far mastered his system as to apply it in a way which earned his approval...(page 4)." From this one can see that Watson is always wanting to get Holmes approval.

Sherlock Holmes was being conveyed as a very clever person and he is mindful of every that is going on. Furthermore, he can be described as conceited and he isn't that sensitive of other people's feelings. This can be proved when he said, "I am afraid, my dear Watson, that most of your conclusion was erroneous...( page 5)." This shows that he isn't that sensitive of other people's feelings because just right before he said that, he was telling Watson that he was on the right track, but then he said that all his conclusions was wrong. Furthermore, the way he said it makes Watson feel that he is never as good as Holmes himself.

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Conflicts and Settings

In the beginning of the book, the setting was taken place in London but as the story goes on, most of the book is taken place in Devonshire, in Baskerville Hall, and the rundown Merripit House where Stapleton lives and the lonley moor.There are many conflicts throughout the story but the main conflict of the story was that Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson got a case about the Baskervilles family and the Baskervilles is seemingly being haunted by a curse. The curse was that the members of the family of the Baskervilles would meet with bloody and mysterious deaths. So after the death of Sir Charles Baskervilles, Holmes and Watson is afraid that the next target would be Sir Henry Baskervilles. Holmes needs to find out who is behind all of these deaths since he doesn't think that these are all supernatural events. So throughout the story, Holmes and Watson were all trying to protect Sir Henry and find out who was the murderer of Sir Charles besides the fact that the curse was what killed Sir Charles.

As the story goes on, Holmes and Watson encountered a man names Mr. Jack Stapleton. Although at first he seems to be just an ordinary person but as the story developed, Watson finds Stapleton strange since Stapleton knew that Sherlock Holmes was looking into the death of Sir. Charles. Watson was shocked by this since Stapleton knew about almost everything that is going on in the case. So Watson was always very careful of what he say in front of Stapleton.

In the end of the story, Holmes and Watson solve the case by knowing that Stapleton was behind of all these conflicts and he was actually a Baskerville himself. Stapleton killed Sir. Charles and tried to killed Henry since he found out that Baskervilles has a large inheritance and he is in line for it. So if he kills every member of the Baskervilles then he'll be able to get all the fortunes. But at the end his plan didn't work out since Holmes broke the case and revealed his identity. Due to this Stapleton ran for his life and actually died. However his body was never found.

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Great Book!

Overall, I find the book : The Hound of The Baskervilles" as a very interesting books. The mystery in the book is very entertaining and once you start reading it, you just want to know what will happen next. The book will make you question as you read. You will realize that you are trying to solve the case along with Dr. Watson and Sherlock Holmes. The book really catches your attention and it makes me become more interest in mystery and being a detective.
The Hound of The Baskervilles (1959) (Trailer)