April 4-Get Whitt It!

Morgan's Musings

Writing STAAR

If you are K-3 and have a question about where you go for PACK next Tuesday, please let me know. Here is the schedule for PACK and recess.

Kinder: You are splitting Bray's class. Thank you for being flexible and willing to do this!

Kinder Roundup is April 11th!

Please refer to this spreadsheet to see if you need to attend and where you will be.

Paras-We can talk comp time usage soon, :)

Thank you all for understanding as I have been in and out this week. Blakely has been really sick, on top of STAAR Prep. A special THANK YOU to all of those that have checked on her, offered to bring Teaghan home, etc! It means so much, more than I can ever express!! I pray we can get her back to normal ASAP!!

Notes from Patricia & Patty

Kinder Round Up is just around the corner...... next Thursday 4/11/2019!

Grade Books opened for PR4A on Friday March 29, 2019. Please have grades in by 5:00 p.m. Friday April 5, 2019.

April 12, 2019, Friday is the end of our 5th 6 Weeks> I will be sending out Special Program Reports for Verification and Sign Off for Friday, please review and let me know if there are any issues.

Thank you all for all of your hard work, you are so appreciated!

Counselor's Corner

Thank you for being ripples of hope for our kids! I loved seeing them deliver these sweet notes to you and to one another. What a joy to share that kindness together!

4/17 Day of Gratitude

Here are your plans for DOG. They'll be in your box along with materials by April 5. This is a short, 30-minute collection of one video and two exercises. If you've any questions or suggestions, don't hesitate to let me know!

Notes from the Nurse

I work here. :)

Shout Outs!

  • Lacey Boruk for offering to help me by bringing Teaghan home! You are incredible! ~MP
  • All you sweet people for checking in on Blakely/me/us! Seriously, my heart is full. ~MP
  • 2nd was FULL of love on Wednesday at PLC.
  • KP, moved FASE rooms and is KILLING it! Things are hard, but you are DOING IT! :)
  • Mrs. Riley...WOW. That display out there is above and beyond!
  • JH, thanks for labeling NEW books for the literacy closet!
  • Leech, growing a human and going to the PTA board meeting! Nice!
  • MORGAN!! With a potentially meningitis-d baby, still rocking STAAR prep and handling business!


We are getting new carpet this summer! To make it easier on the carpet people, we will need to have all of our things up off of the floor (except furniture) when we leave on May 24th. If you have books on a bookshelf, please box them up and put them on your back counter. Also, there shouldn’t be anything hanging on the walls lower than 3 feet from the carpet. If you have personal furniture (bookshelves, other shelving systems) they will either be moved to your counter, or to the cafeteria. Please make sure that you label them with your room number so that they get back to you! If you have any extra special personal items, it might be a good idea to take them home for the summer so that they stay safe. We are lucky that they are doing this during the summer – some places have to pack up and move during the school year! Can you even imagine?!?


Calendar Comings


5 Wolf Howl

8 EOY MAP Begins for 3rd and 4th

8 4th Grade Author Celebrations

9 STAAR Writing

11 Kinder Roundup 4-7pm

16 Dennis Lee; Tiffany Leech's Baby Shower! 3pm, PTA General Meeting; First Grade Program

17 Team Lead Meeting 2:45; Day of Gratitude

18 Kinder Field Trip; 4th grade teachers from Royse City coming to visit our awesomeness!

19 No School!

22 No School!

23 AT out morning ESC; MP out afternoon ESC

25 MP out AP Meeting

26 GT Assessments end; Leadership Retreat