by Greg Pekurney

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Croatia was founded by Croats. Croats were chieftains during the Holy Roman Empire. They speak Croatian. Croatians are proud of their heritage. Their food consist of black coffee, cheese, milk, yogurt, and cream. They are Roman Catholic.


The Croatian government is a parliamentary democracy. President Ivo Josipovic is the president. The capital is Zagreb. The economy is based on service and industry.
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News Story

On the 30th of January Croatia's government was thinking about moving to renewable energy. Wind and Nuclear energy is what they want. It would help boost the economy with jobs and make Croatia cleaner

Land marks

One landmark is Diocletian's Palace. This palace was built for Diocletian, a Croat
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The second place is the Museum of Broken Relationships. It has artifacts of well, broken relationships. (I picked this because it relates to me)
Museum of Broken Relationships, Zagreb, Croatia
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A weird thing Croatians do for there weddings is dress up with bright, colorful clothing. The groom also has to make a small box and put something valuable in it. It can hold money, a ring, or broken glass because nothing says I love you more than broken glass.
Croatian Wedding in Dubrovnik Sept 2011


Croatia is a great place over all. The beaches, the museums, the jungle are all amazing. That' s why Croatia is now on my bucket list.
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