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News for October 26th, 2012

World Fair Blows Crowd Away!

On a sunny October morning, Prairie Middle School in Barrington held the World's Fair right in their own library. You could spot many items, some of them modern like the basketball, ferris wheel and the windmill in the crowd of interesting things. Students and teachers from all over the school came to witness this mind blowing event. You could spot a sea of people swarming over many of the interesting, colorful, and factual tri-fold exhibits. Many of the people came to see the roller coaster, that actually was able to move on it's own or listen to the great music that was shown in the exhibit of the amazing stereo. You could see the anxious students who made these amazing creations waiting for a compliment confirming that the hard work they put in was surely great. The 8th grade history teachers would be handing out grades based on the posters appearance, creativity, and factual information that was spectacular throughout. You can tell the students worked as hard as they could because of the fact that there were sparsely A's given out. The Prairie Tribune surely wishes all the students who contributed good luck!

Roller Coaster Steals the Show

One of the greatest exhibits shown in this world's fair was the Roller Coaster. The creator of this stunning masterpiece was George O'Brien. The details of the project were undeniably the best there was. Starting off with the miraculous model of a roller coast which shows with unshakable detail each and every fact about the roller coaster right in front of your eyes. Then, moving to the board there was the factual information that shows what, when, and how this piece of machinery was created. Starting off with LaMarcus Adna Thompson patented the first roller coaster on January 20th, 1885 and ending with the invention of the first steel roller coast in 1959. There were many that could have been chosen but the roller coaster truly conquered them all!

My Top Five Moments in the Fair

  1. The Roller Coaster
  2. The Stereo playing music
  3. The Dynamite Exhibit
  4. The Exhibit with Swedish Fish, Yum!
  5. The Basketball Exhibit

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