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New Discoveries From The Sir Isacc Newton

The Life of Isaac Newton

Mr. Newton has just created what he calls Laws of gravitation, which is an instrumental in the scientific revolution. Isaac says he found his accomplishments by "staying comited to his theory and his studies". (not a real quote) Today,because of discoveries we've been able to understand Gravity,Motion,Speed,and Velocity.
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Newtons discovery help us in many ways

We still benefit from his accomplishments because now that we have that discovery/question answered.Every step we take we think and perform newton's discoveries

Isaac attended Trinity College,Cambridge -In England. Newton graduated with a bachelor's ,he focused on math,physics,optics, and astronomy

The Brilliant Genius Known As Isaac Newton

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5 intresting facts about newton

1.Isaac Newton dislike his stepfather

2.He wasn't expected to survive as child

3.His birthday is in January 4th year 1643

4. Died March ,31 ,1727

5.He was studies before his theories were a study in becoming an attorney

*Facts found @ Biography*

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