Save Woodland Caribou

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Alberta Woodland Caribou Recovery Plan

Since the 2005 Alberta Woodland Caribou Recovery Plan has been in place, Alberta’s caribou outlook has worsened. One population has died out, ten are in decline, two are stable either wholly or partly due to a mass wolf kill program in west central Alberta, one adjacent to the NWT is stable, and three have inadequate data.
The biggest threats to caribou are uncurbed cumulative effects of resource extraction industries, which destroy and fragment their habitat. In disturbed habitat, caribou can no longer stay away from other prey (moose, deer, elk), predators (wolves, bears) and stressors like motorized vehicles and noisy equipment. Calf survival rates plummet.

We can make a difference by committing to protect and restore habitat and enforcing higher standards of practice for all. AWA is pursuing channels to legally protect caribou and their habitat – we need financial support to continue this effort.

Woodland Caribou Policy

The Alberta Government’s 2011 woodland caribou policy states that the immediate priority is maintenance of habitat, yet the government continues to issue leases and approve new surface disturbance in caribou ranges across Alberta. Existing project-level operating guidelines are inadequate as a sole tool to halt population declines.