1989 the Daulatpur- Saltura Tornado

Presented by Cami Hardt

1989 The Daulatpur- Saltura Tornado

The worlds deadliest tornado struck the Manikganj District in Central Bangladesh.

The tornado killed about 1,300 people, injured 12,000 and left 80,000 homeless!

It was said to be 1 mile wide and killed whatever was in a 80 km radius and it cost 1 to 2 million dollars to repair!

Interesting Facts

  • If the same tornado went through America right now, the damage would have been around 2.5 billion to 3.2 billion
  • The tornado started in Daulatpur and then traveled 50 miles northeast to Saturia.
  • Bangladesh is one of the countries with the highest frequency of tornadoes.

How Strong is it?

*tornadoes can pick I just about anything depending on how strong it is.

*they are made of random debris they suck up.

*in 1928 a tornado plucked the feathers right off a chicken!

How'd it happen?

  1. Tornados are formed when the storms cold air and warm air combine. The cold air goes drops as the warm air rises. The warm air eventually twists into a spiral and forms a funnel cloud.

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