Happy National Novel Writing Month!

WOMS Writes 2017

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What's a novel anyway?


A novel is a long book that tells a story of made-up characters and events. It is written in prose and contains a conflict, or main problem, that the characters try to solve.

Name a novel that has been made into a movie.

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Think about the best book you have ever read.

Which character did you think was most important? Why?

What is the central conflict?

How did the novel begin?

Where and when does it take place?

What is your favorite part of the novel?

Whose perspective is the novel written from? Who is telling the story?

  • First person-One of the characters tells the story using "I".
  • Second person-The story is addressed to you. (rare)
  • Third person-The story is not told by a character.
  • Multiple perspectives-More than one of the above is used

Jeff Kinney


Jaqueline Woodson


Where did Mr. Kinney and Mrs. Woodson get their ideas from?

Put Your Badge on Your Blog!

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Step 1 Right-click on the badge and select SAVE AS

Step 2 SAVE

Step 3 Go to your blog

Step 4 Go to the DASHBOARD on your blog

Step 5 Hover your mouse over APPEARANCE and select WIDGET

Step 6 Scroll down to IMAGE and select it

Step 7 Choose left or right side bar and select ADD WIDGET

Step 8 On the right hand side of the screen find the image widget you added

Step 9 Click on ADD IMAGE

Step 10 Choose UPLOAD FILE and then choose SELECT FILE

Step 11 Choose the picture and select OPEN

Step 12 Now you have a badge!

Interview with Alexander London


Exit Ticket: Write two questions for our author Skype

If selected, you will get to ask Mr. London your question live!