Shakeology Ten Day Challenge

Start Date : Monday, April 29th, 2013

How to Get Started and Rules of the Challenge

  • Make sure to sign up with me as your coach (for FREE)
  • Send me an email of your confirmation to Please indicate which challenge you are interested in joining!
  • You MUST have at least a 10 day supply of Shakeology. You will consume at least 1 shake per day as part of your meal plan.
  • Send me your starting weight and waist circumference the MORNING of Day 1.
  • Follow the meal plan and guidelines that we will provide you once you are registered.
  • Send your exercise and food journal to me (or your coach) nightly.
  • Shakeology MUST have been purchased by me, your sponsoring coach or one of our team members! You must purchase 30 day supply of Shakeology on auto ship. Packets of Please allow at least 5-7 days for you to receive your order prior to the challenge start date.
  • At least 30 minutes of exercise 8 of the 10 days during the challenge is required. We don’t care what you do but this is the minimum. I can provide you with a few workout ideas/sample plans or you can use one of the workout programs that our team recommends including P90x, Slim in 6, TurboFire, INSANITY, or there are so many more options. As your coach, I will help you find a plan that fits your needs!
  • PLEASE feel free to invite your friends, family or anyone that would benefit from this challenge. The more the merrier!

What Are the Prizes and How Do You Win?

  • ONLY participants who purchase Shakeology will be entered into a drawing on our LIVE “Kick-Off” call announced at a later date. Details of the prize will be announced to the participants prior to the call.
  • Order a 30 day supply and your name will be entered into the drawing 2 times…a reward for your commitment to reaching your goals with Shakelogy.
  • The WINNER of the challenge (the participant that losing the highest % weight loss) will get their pick of workout DVD’s from the following selection.
  • Your choice of P90X ONE on ONE® with Tony Horton—More Muscle Confusion workout, TurboFire HIIT workout, Hip Hop Abs Extreme DVD or INSANITY® Fast and Furious DVD.
  • Congrats!! You completed the challenge and started your journey to a healthier YOU!