The Life of Sydney Gage

Dear me,

I am five now. Soon I will be older. I love my dog and I'll always love dogs. What is it like being a teen? I hear it is cool. Let me know how you are doing.


me (your five year old self)

Memories from my childhood

Entering Reality

Although everyone goes through harsh times within life, some may not realize that world has a dark side until a later age. As a child, my perception of the world was that similar of movies/fairy tails I saw. All young children see the world differently than people consisting of an older age. After the age of about ten, I began to realize that the world was more than a place of happiness and joy. I had had multiple eye opening experiences growing up but the one that made the biggest impact was my parents divorce. Parents divorcing is something that changes life immensely for children. At the age of about eleven, my sister and I began to notice my parents growing distant. Later as I was at the age of twelve, they decided to divorce. This had a huge emotional impact on my life which opened up my eyes to the dark side of life. However, even though I went through a rough time I still stayed strong. Yes, the divorce meant unfortunate changes, but it also taught me how to deal with reality and understand more about the concept of life in an unfortunate yet happy sense.
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"I'm nobody, who are you?"

The poem "I'm nobody, who are you?" by Emily Dickinson relates to me in a simple way. I find that I relate to this poem in the sense that I am still figuring out what I choose to do in my life; as in where I go to college/what career I choose or how I make a difference in the world. A frequent line used in the poem is "I'm nobody, who are you?", I interpret this as someone being shy and not knowing their path in life yet. I am also unsure of which direction my life will go so I feel as if I can connect to the poem in that sense.


"Nice and funny!"

"Always real"

"One of my best friends"


These quotes make me feel happy and that I have a good group of people that surround me. I do feel as if these quotes are true because when thinking about it I try and live up to those quotes in my everyday life.

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Identity Writing


making someone think about who they are


Am I any of those things?

I try and live everyday as myself and not change for people

staying true and real everyday


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Vision Board

This vision board is a small summary of things that are important and interesting in my life. My friends, family, and dreams are on this vision board. The process in creating this, although long, was very nice to put all my thoughts together in one place. In the future, I would like to see my life go somewhere special. I hope to spend some time in California(maybe for college?) and then end up in New York where I will work on my career. I plan to work hard and accomplish my goals to get me to those places in my future.

Dear Myself,

Dear me,

I am sixteen now. The age I am now is extremely different than from when I was five. Several things have changed, for the good and the bad. Life has grown and become more eye opening in the sense that my future awaits me. As my life has grown stronger, so have I. I have had harsh experiences that made me more mature and wiser due to them. These experiences will shape your life and you may see the bad times as never ending but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The world isn't as happy and magical as it is for you now. You will soon see the dark side of the world, but don't let that stop you from being the happy person you are. Keep in mind that family and friends will always matter and love you as you will love them no matter the circumstance. Goals and values will change but make sure to stay true to your personality and happy aura. You will figure out the path of life and grow up gracefully.