Unit 9 Bianca Rogers

2.3 behaviours and attitudes which support innovation

Behaviours which supports innovation

Behaviours which suppport innovation are: Communicating with the group to share ideas and opinions, respecting team members, versitility in the group so everyone is treated fairly, following rules and regulations, meeting deadlines to support the groups work  and SWOT analysis to identify strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities. Using these behaviours will benefit you and the group to help you work better as a team as everyone will get on and tasks will be completed on time.

Attitudes which support innovation

Attitudes which support innovation are: positive thinking, communication in the group, Feebdack to help others feel more confident with their work, creative and have an eye for detail when completing tasks, open-minded so that you think of new ideas and are willing to share them. these attitudes will benefit you and the team as you's will be supportive towards one another and give eachother in the team confidence. You also need to feel confident with the innovation happening in the team and must remain calm to keep focused on the tasks that lie ahead and the tasks that you have been set to complete.
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