Ms. Monaghan's Message - Feb. 19

Challenge, Inspire, Empower, & Serve

Important Upcoming Dates

Feb. 22: Virtual PTO Meeting @ 7:00

Feb. 22 - March 7: Scholastic Book Fair

Feb. 26: Spirit Day; Stations of the Cross @ 9:00am; Early Registration Discount Period Ends

March 1: Registration opens for new families

March 5: Stations of the Cross @ 9:00am

March 12: Stations of the Cross @ 2:00pm

March 18 & 19: No School, Teacher PD (Pending no more Snow Days!)

March 26: Stations of the Cross @ 9:00am

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Scholastic Book Fair - February 27 - March 7

This year, we will be hosting a VIRTUAL book fair!

How does it work? The Virtual Book Fair will be open for 14 days. During this time, all orders will be completed online and will directly benefit the school.

Be watching your child's backpack for more information!

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Be sure to credit any one of these St. Patrick Alumni when you purchase your Spaghetti Dinner tickets!

Crystal Comer

Hannah Solomon

Francis Paul

Andrew Pham

River Torres-Bowlin

Nathaniel Truong

Ally McClenney

Girard Williams

Viet Nguyen

2021-2022 Registration is Here!

An emailed version of our 2021-2022 Registration Packet was sent out to each family this week and a hard copy was sent home with the youngest child in each family today (yesterday for some).

This year, registration will run from Feb. 16 - Feb. 26 for our current St. Patrick families and will open up to new families on March 1. It is our goal that we will have 100% of our current families submit full registration or the minimum $200 registration deposit by February 26, which will give us a good idea of how many openings we have in each classroom as we open registration to new families on March 1.

Why do we ask for registration in the spring? Registering now allows proper planning of our staffing and budgetary needs for the following school year. We want to continue our mission to be inclusive and welcome ALL students who wish to attend our school, but we also have to maintain the small class sizes and focus on academic integrity and individualized instruction we promise to our families. Early registration allows us to take a look at our numbers and make any additions to our staff that might be needed to continue to meet our students' needs.

Registration Options:

Option #1: Submit registration payment in full (along with your paperwork) by February 26 to receive a $200 discount on your total registration fees.

Option #2: Submit the $200 registration deposit by February 26 (along with your paperwork) and pay the remaining balance of registration fees by August 9.

Right now, we haven't decided if we will be capping our class sizes at 15 again next year. We are moving forward with this for now and will wait until later this summer to decide if we feel it's safe to open up any further space in classrooms.

As of today, our class sizes are:

Kindergarten: 14

First Grade: 12

Second Grade: 15

Third Grade: 16

Fourth Grade: 11

Fifth Grade: 14

Sixth Grade; 15

Seventh Grade: 18

Eighth Grade: 15

In looking towards next year, if all of our current students re-enroll (which we hope you do!), we have limited spacing for the upcoming year. This is very exciting, yet makes it even more important that we have our registration in place as quickly as we possibly can for the 2021-2022 school year.

If all students re-enroll, and we continue to cap our class sizes at 15, we would be looking at:

Kindergarten: (unsure at this time)

First Grade: 1 opening

Second Grade: 3 openings

Third Grade: 0 openings

Fourth Grade: 0 openings

Fifth Grade: 4 openings

Sixth Grade: 1 opening

Seventh Grade: 0 openings

Eighth Grade: 0 openings

We are hoping to bump our 2nd-8th grade classes to 20 students next year, but we still aren't sure if we will be able to do that yet. Our Kindergarten and 1st grade classes will remain at 15 regardless. Either way, it is our hope that we start the year with full classes in every grade level!

Stations of the Cross

The school children will be leading Stations of the Cross on the following dates/times. We would love for you to join us!

Feb. 26 @ 9:00am - 4th and 5th Grades

March 5 @ 9:00am - 2nd and 3rd Grades

March 12 @ 2:00pm - 1st and 7th Grades

March 26 @ 9:00am - Kindergarten and 8th Grades

2021-2022 Important Calendar Dates

I know that many of you plan ahead for vacations and other dates throughout the school year, so I wanted to put some of the main dates out for you now. Our 2021-2022 calendar is not approved yet, but we are working on it now and will have it ready for you soon.

August 18: First Day of School

November 22 - 26: Thanksgiving Break

December 16(noon dismissal) - January 3: Christmas Break (return to school on January 4)

March 14-18: Spring Break

April 15 and 18: Easter Break

May 18 - Tentative Last Day of School

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Thank YOU!

We want to give a huge shout out to the Thomas-Shelton family for spoiling us with some Valentine's goodies and decor this week. It was such a fun surprise to come back to school after a rough bit of time to some fun treats! Thank you so much for making our staff feel so special. We are grateful to YOU!!
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Box Tops For Education

Box Tops have gone digital! Did you know you can collect Box Tops from your Smart phone or tablet? Just download the Box Tops app and search for St. Patrick School. Once you've selected our school, you simply scan your grocery store receipt and the points are added instantly to our account!

Learn more by clicking the links below to read or watch a video!

How to submit digital receipts to earn Box Tops

Protecting God's Children Certification


  • All live Protecting God’s Children for Adults (PGC) workshops continue to be suspended due to COVID-19.
  • Employees and volunteers required to complete PGC are instead required to complete 2 online training modules in VIRTUS®:
  • Protecting God’s Children® Online Awareness Session 3.0
  • Mandated Reporters: Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse
  • VIRTUS® has automated the assignment of these modules for all brand new VIRTUS® users.
  • Contact Sherry Huffman at to sign up today!

Daily Health Check

If your child is attending "in person" classes, we ask you to complete a daily checklist each morning before leaving for school.

  • My child has a temperature over 99 degrees.

  • My child has had diarrhea in the last 48 hours.

  • My child has a sore throat or flu-like s symptoms.

  • My child has vomited or shown signs of nausea in the last 48 hours.

  • My child, or someone in our family, has been exposed to Covid-19.

  • My child has traveled somewhere currently on the travel ban list in the last 10 days.

  • I have given my child fever reducers, cold medicine, or other over the counter meds to reduce symptoms of illness within the last 48 hours.

Daily Health Symptom Check

High-Risk Symptoms:

* New cough

* Difficulty breathing

* Loss of taste/smell

Moderate-Risk Symptoms:

* Fever (>99 degrees) or chills

* Congestion/runny nose

* Nausea/vomiting/diarrhea

* Sore throat

* Headache

* Muscle or body aches

Please note: If your child has 1 High Risk symptom OR 2 + moderate risk symptoms, he/she will be sent home and allowed to return after 48 hours symptom free and with a doctor's note stating he/she is safe to return to school.

These are very strict guidelines provided to us from the Clay County Health Department that we must follow in an effort to keep our students and staff safe and healthy. We appreciate you partnering with us to ensure we follow these policies and procedures each day!