If people were caught hiding Jews?

By. Ambernie Reece

What families were caught hiding jews?

Bert and Anne Bochove, who hid 37 Jews in their pharmacy in Huizen, an Amsterdam suburb.

Another lady who was willing to help the Jews was Ona Simaite

Lithuanian librarian Ona Simaite took food to Jews in the Vilna ghetto, helped hide many Jews outside the ghetto, and saved valuable Jewish literary and historical materials.

Was it hard to hide children?

The hiding of Jewish children during 1942-1945 in the Netherlands had psychological and practical consequences. decision about hiding their children was not an easy one for several reasons. First, as of July 1942 there was no organized underground network for hiding children. Second, Jewish identity cards carried a large black J that could not easily be removed,children aged six and younger did not need an identity card. Third, one needed a place where the children could hide.

How were adults hidden?

Adults weren't able to go to and hid in there friends houses like the children were, it depended what country they lived in really because some hid under, boats, they ate very little,and some didn't make it they were caught and were taken to the consecration camps. Some were killed or threatened to be killed.