Quitter Inc.

By: Stephen King


In the big city of New York in the early 1970's. The main character, Richard "Dick" Morrison, is a middle-aged man who smokes. One day he has a chance meeting with his old college roommate, Jim McCann, who had once been a heavy smoker and advises him to go to Quitters, Inc., the firm that he says helped him kick the habit. The firm is said to have a 98% success rate with their clients and guarantees that once the person has enrolled for treatment, he will never smoke again.

Plot Line

It all starts with the exposition, where Dick Morrison meets his old friend at the bar in Kennedy airport. Then goes the raising action, this is when he goes to Quitters Inc. for the first time. Next comes the climax, this is the wife being shocked because Morrison smoked once during his treatment. The falling action is when he finally stops smocking for good. Then finally comes the resolution, this is when he gets the bill for his treatment and it all comes to an end.


The theme is family over addition. Dick Morrison is a highly addicted smoker who can't go 10 or 15 minutes without lighting up. The fact that he went to Quitters Inc. in the first place shows his commitment to stop smoking for the good of his family. Once he had gone to the first meeting at Quitters Inc. he was locked in and committed to following thorough with the treatment to stop smocking. If he smocked during the treatment his family would suffer for it, he knew that and only smocked once. After he saw what it did to his wife, he never smocked again because even though it wouldn't hurt him, it would hurt his family. He went through this whole process to stop smocking, and he didn't get his family involved. That showed that he put his commitment to his family over his addiction of smocking.

Main Conflict

The main conflict in Quitters Inc. is both an external and an internal conflict. The external conflict is one with Morrison and Donatti. In the story they fight a lot. As shown: "He shoved the chair backwards and drove both of his feet over the desk and into Morrison's belly. Gagging and coughing, Morrison staggered backward." (8) That quote shows one of the many times that they fight, which shows external conflict. There is also internal conflict. Morrison fights with himself in the story. He fights himself to stop smocking and to not smoke, or else his family would be hurt. As shown: "Around three o'clock he woke completely... He slid open the top drawer of his desk and looked in, fascinated by the cigarette box. He looked around and licked his lips." (9) This quote shows that there was internal conflict, because it is so hard to brake an addiction. He didn't want to smoke, but the craving was so great that it over came him.

Figurative Language (Imagery)

In the story there is some strong imagery. As shown "If you ever smock again it will taste like your son's blood." (9) This quote shows some strong imagery from the story. It says this because ever time that Morrison smokes something happens to his family and if he smocked to many times then they will hurt his son.
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Why would you want to read it?

This story always kept me wondering what was gonna happen on the next page. I would recommend you read this story if you like Stephen King, and if you like si-fi stories. It is interesting that he chose to write this story abut quitting smocking, because it is such a big problem in the country. It makes me think of all the people that smoke in the U.S and how hard it must be for them and their families. It makes me wonder how hard it would be to stop such a bad habit like smocking, especially if you smock as much as Morrison did.