Ian Clark

February 2016 Student Portfolio

English 7

The students read a challenging historical novel, set in Beijing during the time of Kublai Khan, and wrote synopses of each chapter. They have begun a longer-term project of composing and performing an original puppet show based in traditional folklore. I enjoy Ian's company in and out of the classroom. He's an avid student and a charming conversationalist. In class, so far, I most appreciate his unique take on creative projects; he's deeply thoughtful and I take his views seriously.
Ian english

Math 7

We are learning division and volume. Ian is a pleasure to have in my class. He sometimes gets very frustrated if he doesn't understand some problems. We do a lot of hands on activities so that they understand the problem.

Social Studies

This unit's focus was ancient China: its history, culture, philosophies, and arts. Two arts the students tried their hands at were traditional puppet-making and calligraphy. The class is proud to have a foundation in the geography of China and all of its neighbors. Ian brings ideas to the table, no matter what is under discussion. He does careful work but often finishes quickly in order to work on his own drawings or to get back to his own reading. I think his patience is improving as he becomes familiar with our open-ended methods, which allow him to always add more of his own ideas to his classwork.
Ian soc stud

Science 7

Students are learning about the human cell and the body system. Ian understands what is taught in the science class.

Genius Hour

We have been spending our time preparing for the Odyssey of the Mind Regional Tournament on February 27, 2016 in Riviera Beach. Ian has been practicing his problem solving skills in preparation for the tournament.
Genius hour 1

Science Arts Integration

In Science Arts Integration we are addressing their Science lesson plans covering the makeup of the human cell. Each student chose a specific organelle that is contained within the cell as their topic. Their job was to create a cartoon character of that organelle, using the formal elements of art-line, shape, and color to represent it's appearance and function. Ian's cartoon characterization of his organelle was very ambitious and inspired. He had a very specific vision and utilized his interests to help design this project.

Ian's Update

Total Documented Community Service Hours: 2

Ian currently has logged:
5 absences for English Class (period 1)
3 absences for Math class (period 2)
2 absences for Science class (period 3)
1 absence for Social Studies (period 4)
1 absence for Genius Hour (period 5)