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Prefix FIC available now.

Fic makes your life better! FIC is like the perfect outfit-always makes you feel good about yourself! You can take FIC everywhere with you-We'll include the leash for FREE! And if you dont go for that sort of thing, it's okay! FIC makes itself change form into whatever you want it to be. A necklace,a shoe,a phone case!


FIC is better than all the other prefixes! You can make so many things with FIC whereas all the ones are boring, dull, and enigmatic.

Bargain price starts at $30

Wait, there's more!

Maybe you didn't get those concert tickets you wanted (I know I didn't!), but with FIC, have the concert in your house! That's right, FIC is an impersonator!

(Picture to left:indie band, Local Natives performing live)

This prefix is better than you!!

FIC warehouse

Prefix FIC:What does it look like?

I'll come right out and say it-FIC doesn't have a permanent looks like everything.It can be Green, It can look like f-i-c

Prefix FIC sale

Friday, May 10th 2013 at 9am

The warehouse

Well, I bet you were waiting to get the deet's, weren't you? Sí, you were! well, time is here! FIC will be on showcase at the one and only FIC warehouse! Come visit our always happy, fun-filled workplace! There will be multiple FICs in the warehouse so remember to bring all your friends you crazy teenage youngsters!