How to stay safe online

How to stay safe online

First turn your account on private so that no-one can see yor pictures

Make a safe password

To make your password safe add numbers and characters
What is e-safety?

Consequences for not staying safe online

A consequence could be them kidnapping you because you told them everything about you like your school your address as well and then they trick you with a fake profile and then they will tell you to meet them at a place and then they will ask you for your password.


To stay safe online you must have :

A strong password by adding characters and numbers

Don't believe everything on the internet

If someone asks you for your password report it otherwise the will be consistent on asking you questions about yourself like your address and your school

Also if any consequences occur then:

Hit the abuse button

Advice on what to do if you are going through this

Firstly you should warn someone and then you should hit the abuse button so whoever did it is punished.

Digital footprints

So basically a digital footprint is when you post a photo and the photo is there forever and even if you delete it it is still there even till you apply for a job the interviewers will check your internet history