Are Vinyl Windows Better

Are Vinyl Windows Better

Are Vinyl Windows Better

If you've determined to replace your windows, you've probably already given a lot of considered to which material is best. Wood vs. vinyl windows? Aluminum vs. vinyl windows? Chances are you've also encountered a lot of conflicting information about these choices.​ vinyl windows and doors Oakville

What's promising is your choice doesn't have to be complicated. Because when you do a head-to-head comparison, you'll see that vinyl is simply a better choice than other materials. It's certainly more advanced than aluminum windows and doors – which readily conducts heat and cold making them less energy efficient. And, as you're about to find, vinyl outperforms wood, too.

Sure, wood and vinyl windows may perform similarly in regards to energy efficiency, but if you think about easy installation, wood's high-maintenance requirements and the option of rich, textured, realistic woodgrain laminates for vinyl windows, vinyl becomes the outstanding choice for every one of these reasons:

  • Low maintenance
  • Great insulating value
  • Beauty and appearance of wood minus the hassle of maintaining it
  • Strength and durability
  • Excellent resistance to rotting, corrosion, salt air, termites and air pollutants.

Once the comparison is wood vs. vinyl windows, vinyl clearly wins. Still have your heart set on the design of real wood? Let's take a closer look:

  • Vinyl retains its finish – there's no need to sand, re-stain and repaint!
  • Vinyl won't pit, peel or flake like wood.
  • Vinyl holds up to repeated use, maintaining its beauty year after year.
  • The only real maintenance vinyl usually required is really a quick washing, after which it it seems just like new. Oakville windows replacement
  • Beautiful, durable and realistic interior wood laminates are available today is a variety of popular woodgrains such as for example oak, cherry and maple. Allowing you to have the rich look of wood at home with all the maintenance.

Need another reason vinyl is much better? How about the fact that it's easier on the pocketbook – approximately 10% more affordable than wood. Plus vinyl windows offer you a variety of architectural choices and design options to select from – styles, configurations and colors to perfectly complement your home and lifestyle.

So can be vinyl windows better? Let's put it in this way – over the future, there's simply no comparison in regards to wood vs. vinyl windows. Vinyl is the smarter choice!